Glyos at the Auction

We recently donated one of the Glyos ranks to a worthwhile cause down in Connecticut...

"Our next large event will be an auction of work opening mid March, The proceeds from this show will go to aid donorschoose.org to help low income students with art projects that schools lack funding for. If you are an artist willing to donate work to the show or an art lover willing to help a cause please either contact us or come out to the show. Currently participating artists include: Jason Goad, Sket One, KOST, Harley Carrera, Chio Flores, Daniel Urbano, Brennan Freemantle, Laura Usowski, Alana Lawton, Drew Falchetta, Project Detonate, Chris Uminga, Lou Cox, Jay Asher Lynch, George Pfau, Rob Gramlich, Ezerd, Nick Baxter, BloodWerks Photography, David Nielsen, Phil Young, Eric Merrill, Clare Jordan, L3MN, Matthew j Fletcher, Dave Gagne, Nikko, Project Detonate, MIHA, Ken Bastard, Celeste Rapone, Kettle, Gene Guynn, Lousia Bertman,Silas Finch and many more... April Event, Pin up art show, check back for more details."
- from No Regrets Art Gallery

This is a neat auction set up for a great cause that everyone over here is down with. We hope Phanost and his Reflex Suit generate some good bidding and end up in an interesting location. Thanks to Brandon for setting this up!

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  1. i looked for the gallery, but guess they did not do any online bidding. how did the auction go? any pieces left we could bid on? i found you guys from you ad in Toy Fare (i think it was ToyFare anyways...)