New Blood

The official launch of Callgrim.com is here. For those of you that could not make the NYCC, the new limited edition Red Guardian Pheyden and Sentry Sarvos figures are now available through Rawshark Studios Online Store. We are all extremely excited and very proud to see Jesse make Callgrim.com a reality. Cool things are coming...


  1. Got both of them...awesome guys awesome

  2. Now we need Red&Black buildmen. Great work as always.

  3. Ordered both!

    I'm looking forward to chatting with you at Toy Fair this week.

  4. I got these at the con and I might order another pair to open up and play with.

    The reds are just so


    in the sun light

  5. I got them at the con too.. I love Pheyden's eyes.. just awesome.

  6. At this rate, you'll all run out of unique colors for new figures!

    Then again, you could always run a poll or some such, to try and find out what color combos people might really dig -- a "Fan-Nost," if you will (terrible joke, I know).

    Either way, dig the red here, and I dig the "Black Hole" motif (if it's intentional; I remember someone mentioning it at the 'Con, just can't place who) -- it especially works with the straight-up red Sarvos.

  7. I saw photos of these in
    various reports that covered
    the NYCC on the web. And I
    was hoping they would be made
    available to those who couldn't
    make the convention. Thank You
    for making enough for the rest
    of us :D

    It's been a loooooong wait for
    some Glyos figures with red hands
    and red feet. And here they are! !!!Yes!!!

  8. I've had enough time to play with these guys (I love the red) that I went ahead and put up another review.

    The review is here.