Just about every Custom Corps order has been shipped and should start showing up at their various destinations over the next few days. Just a few last packages to finish up and then I may go into a mini coma. Thanks again for making what was just an experiment into something solid. The next Custom Corps is already under construction......


  1. Wow dude, thats alotta guys! Love the 'Sarvotor' with Beast Man & Mer-Man color schemes- brilliantly done. The 1st picture, that color scheme reminds me of Elec-Man from Mega Man 1. The rest of the color schemes are just very pleasing to the eye. Kudos again for an awesome job. 8-)

    Finished my custom monster dude last night, took me about 4 hours of sculpting pieces, then baking the parts, etc. Came out NICE, you'll be getting an e-mail with the pictures shortly. Totally thinking using a Redwoods color scheme for this beasty.

  2. Matt after all of this work I'm surprised you are gonna do it again...but very glad you are. These new pics look fantastic just like all of the rest you have shown so far.

    I love the Sarvos Tracker...great colors and I love the mouth guard.

  3. wow... just wow... I'm dying to see what I'm getting. Also, congrats on the Toyfare write up!

    this stuff is above and beyond all expectations...

  4. Man o man, LOVE the custom painting jobs on this latest batch of corp to be seen on the blog. You have outdone yerself again Mr. Doughty. Didn't notice the He-Man colorways til BoglinLord brought it to my attention, but really like the homage. Cool idea!

  5. I LOVE that Skeletor!!! You have outdone yourself again on this. What an amazing batch of work!!!!!

  6. I don't know why, and it's probably pure coincidence, but that "Sarvos Tracker" is giving me a Hunter Prey vibe. I especially dig the faceplate detail, but that's what growing up as a Transformers kid will get you.

    Awesome work as always. But please: feel free to pass out any time now...

  7. Dear lord if it is possible...can my packages contain at least skeletor....that's all for now lord thank you

  8. There's MORE coming?! Matt, you're gonna break my wallet like this!

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  10. Matt,
    Your MOTU paint schemes are brilliant! Where is TrapJaw & Stinkor? ;)


  11. I can't wait to see what shows up in the mail. All of these look great.

  12. ....camping out at the mailbox....

  13. I'm tired of teasers, I want mine now.

    these are so hot, I'm sure I'll be happy with the ones I get.
    I hope!

  14. You keep doing things to
    make the Glyos figures
    more exciting! Thank you for
    putting so much of yourself
    into making such quality and
    fun toys.

  15. Guess who got a Govurom...


  16. I got mine today, the clear all-orange sarvos with sketch card and Red Aura Crayboth! Visit my blog for a pic while I wait on the confirmation email from October Toys' forum.

  17. I got a Govurom, on the right in this pic:


    Pretty cool! As is the print that came with it. And the glow Crayboth, great for building up my army :)

    Thanks so much for doing this, you rock!! As many have said, do take a rest, but still...I'm REALLY looking forward to the next Custom Corps!

  18. Mine arrived and I've gotta say: Wow. Thanks, Matt.

    The custom's awesome and the extras were a real shock. And the included art card is just beautiful!

  19. w00t! My two came in today!

    I got the two toned clear/red aura Phanost seen in the back center of this pic:


    and also one of the green bodied, flesh tone/yellow headed special Pheydens seen in this pic:


    Thanks so much Matt! Also, thank you too Jesse! The art cards are beautiful! I am reallly looking forward to the next Custom Corps wave now. :-D

  20. Also, I forgot to mention, you can't really see it in the pic, but the Phanost I got is clear orange, GID, and the limbs are GID Buildman limbs holding 4 GID "Crayboth arm blasters"! It's really awesome! I'll post pics when I get a chance to snap some.

    Lastly, I must not forget to thank Matt for the bonus green GID Crayboth. You are truly an awesome dude! :-D

  21. Review and photos of my custom posted, for those of you who want a look at what I got.


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  23. I just got my 2 custom corps figures a few days ago
    And all I can say is matt
    These are really beautiful, and
    Jesses cards are also super nice.
    I can’t believe you’re doing it again
    I hope you choose to do some of the same figs to give us a chance to get some more of this first set
    They are amazing