Shipping Notice

All domestic packages have shipped out! Finishing the internationals up today. Thanks for being so patient while we processed everything. It was the most we've ever sent out thanks to all of you.

Based on the stock numbers at the end of sorting the goods, we will have a few previously off world items from this wave popping up in the store- for those that may have missed something in the initial release. We'll give a heads up before they materialize.

Also, Matt Walker has just about completed working on the special edition RXH Pheyden mini. As per usual the numbers are limited on this guy. This is a special triple crossover as well as the first time the Pheyden mini will be available here or in Japan.

To wrap up, I want to say thank you to Jesse, Marc, Megan and Michelle for working so hard to make this release a reality. Without them I would be living in the woods and running around in rags. My deepest thanks goes out once again to all of you, for keeping us inspired and energized to do it again! I've enjoyed getting to know so many of you over the years, and the dedication that continues to see us through is inspired by what you guys have put into this project. Every single person counts and we're thankful for all the crazy experiences we have together (even at 4AM).


  1. 4AM? Who went to bed that early? Everyone knows that nothing cool drops until after 6AM.

  2. Not a problem Matt, glad to give my hard earned scratch to people who make such awesome toys. This order will be my first time having more then 1 Armodoc to play around with, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can build outta a few of them. Kudos again guys & keep on truckin'!

  3. Thank you for all the great stuff you create and make for us to buy. We all appreciate it and the crazy amount of work you put into this toy line for us.

    Pass on to Jesse that Brett thinks he looks like Gimli too!! LOL

  4. Best drop ever...(even if it is my first)

  5. This was my BIGGEST order ever, and I didn't order everything I wanted. Each drop, I am surprised that the Onell Crew is still alive or at least still function in a "normal" order.

    Hopefully, the next drop is a couple months away and a smaller amount.

    Thanks again for running one of the Best toy companies out there.

  6. Good to know Jesse's still rockin' the mighty beard.

    Cheers, Onell Team. All y'all deserve some much-needed rest and maybe even a holiday.

  7. Also, it needs to be said: you have a coupla the cutest kids in the world. "The Real Boss," indeed! Heh!

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  9. Shipping notice? Heck, shipping arrival! My box is here and I'm still somewhat dazed. What a big box of goodness, nothing disappoints. Thank you, Onell Design!

    PS - those pics of the goods in trays are cool; it's fun for us mundanes to see parts of the toy making process.

  10. it's always fun to see your collection between all the shipping out boxes and i wonder if ever a toy slipped into one package and was never seen again! lol :D you do a wonderful job and congrats on having such good friends to help you out! What are the kids painting? sketch cards? i'd love to have a Gobon drawing by both!

  11. Yay! My order came in today :D

    Thank you to the whole
    Onell team. It takes all
    of you to get these great
    toys into our hands.
    Much appreciation to you all!

  12. Cool to see pictures of the real bosses... and I happily got mine yesterday... so much goodness...

    glowbon is easily my favorite thing right now...

  13. Jesse Moore looks like Alan Moore any relation???

    Excited to see everyones packages arriving can't wait to get my hands on my order!