SMB Crossover

Yesterday morning Matt woke me up on the couch by tossing the laptop at me with this on screen. There were no words spoken for the first few minutes... This game has been live for only 2 days but the buzz it has created is impressive, and with good reason! Who doesn't want to blast away Koopas with Mega Man!? Better yet- literally whipping Bowser's ass with Castlevania's Simon. The attention to detail from the different player controls to integrating character-appropriate music truly makes this a work of art.

We have to congratulate Jay Pavlina for this ground breaking achievement. I could go on and on about the coolness factor of this game, but instead you should just play it yourself!


  1. I discovered this yesterday morning too, it's so freakin' sweet. I get a big Captain N vibe when I saw this, but this game far surpaces what the show was trying to accomplish.

    It's immensly satisfying to use the Contra spread-shot blaster to litterly blow Board 1-2 away brick by brick LoL. Pure 100% Awesomesauce. 8-)

  2. This game is so much fun! And I hear we're getting Ryu from Shinobi soon