Thank You from San Diego!

Our deepest thanks to all of you for once again showing such solid and generous support of the Non-Con drop! The Pappysoup green was well received and the Glyans moved pretty quickly out of the shop. Maybe Pappysoup green should enter the repeat zone!
We are still experimenting with the "built up" versions of the characters, and after the results from the Neo Sincroid Aleero build option, more beefed up selections will be in the upcoming August assortment. That being said, remember that you can create any of these guys from the individual selections available during a launch. In general, the Glyan seems to be doing fairly well thanks to all of you giving the new guy a shot.
The next wave of Glyans that are being readied to land in August are a big throwback to my personal obsession with the classic 1980's "Real Type" color styles. They have a very militaristic tone and fall more in the classic soldier palettes than the more recent releases over the past year. The Rig will also have a new look that involves more than just paint.
For those of you not into more subdued patterns, the Glyans will also have some stripped down colors coming up in August as well. Black, Clear Colorless and some GITD Green will be available at the lower $6 USD price range.
Thanks again for everything and for giving us the juice to keep rolling. I know I have said this before, but I mean it with every single molecule in my body- we are nothing without each and every one of you.


  1. sounds great!

    i gotta ask the question tho. when can i own this?


  2. sorry, that was really rude of me. SDCC has me on geek overload. so much overwhelming. i really look forward to this drop and the drop of the onell OSM. i also look forward to any more news you can give us.

  3. I totally think the Pappysoup green should enter the repeat zone, it's an awesome colorway and as a huge fan of green in general I know I'd buy some. I got to a computer too late and wasn't able to get any of the green glyans or axis joints, but I did get a bunch of white glyans and some pappysoup green Sarvos' figures & phase arms. Keep the good stuff right on comin' Matt! :-D

  4. "Maybe Pappysoup green should enter the repeat zone!"
    Yes, yes! Army green should be a staple color for all the buildstation components! (please)

  5. Thank you for creating such interesting new designs and experimenting with ideas like this set. Just with had more $$$ to grab a Rig.

  6. Yes, please bring back Pappysoup green as an Exellis, Gendrone, Armodoc

    A GITD Glyan is a great figure that I'll have to buy at least 4 of. Any chance of a Solaris red version also ?

  7. The army green is excellent and perfect for...well...army building!

    Was only able to snag one but with so many folks not getting any I feel quite fortunate.

    Super excited by the black/clear/glow, too bad we have been told no more silver this year...but I can be patient!

    I love this:

    "...I mean it with every single molecule in my body- we are nothing without each and every one of you."

    That is some stand-up/salt-of-the-earth stuff right there.

  8. I like the idea of the Pappysoup green
    entering the repeat zone.

  9. Congrats Matt!...glad everything went well for the FigLab crew!