Mercenary Alert

The Beverly Beast emerges once again to buck the trends set before him, debuting some truly progressive Callgrim toys tomorrow night (April 27th) at 9PM EDT.

Jesse has always wanted to manufacture things that really capture his personal vision of old Skullface's world, and over the past year he has worked extremely hard to make what lives in his head a reality.

The prices are higher than what you are used to as far as Glyos toys are concerned, but these new creations represent an artist going for exactly what's in his heart, regardless of public opinion and how much it cost to do (which was quite bit).

Watching Jesse build up his part of our collective world is rejuvenating, and I'm extremely proud of him for sticking to his 30 piece PVC guns.

Nice Wraith, Gimli!


  1. Hail the "Moore Machine!!!"

    What a truly INCREDIBLE piece!

    Thanx to you and Jesse for producing such quality toyz!!!


  2. "A little higher than usual." Right XD But hey, it looks like it's worth it! The Beard Lord's cranking out some serious stuff!

  3. 200$ is pretty high, but there is a lot of work involved.

    Will there ever be a plain white release of this and perhaps the bike only for a cheaper price?

    This way you can customize it yourself, sort of like the new Spy Monkey plain white set?