Wrapping Up!

Just a few packages left and everything from the drop will have shipped out!

Once again I want to thank my sister for working like a maniac all week long. Michelle was also a one woman super force as she processed everything that came through the system.

I would be living inside a box under a bridge without the efforts of these two.

Above are a couple of pics from before the packing started. The little Hub Jumper that Cane is standing on has been my companion since the stuff came in. I'm more obsessed with the contained builds than ever before.

The crazy Wedge construct that Sullkren is "taming" is what happens when you try to replicate the old Rubik's Twist snake. You can actually fit a Block perfectly inside the middle of the "ball" formation.
Marc and I have had a blast rolling this thing around the driveway when it is connected end to end in a circular form. It acts like some kind of crazy frisbee/bio wheel and is pretty durable under the stress of play. Maybe we'll get a quick video of it in action next week.


  1. The first pic with Cane and the Hub makes me think of a parent helping their child walk for the first time. :)
    The whole crew should take a much-deserved rest after all the work that was put into this drop. Thanks again for all you guys and gals do for us.

  2. We really appreciate you guys as always!

  3. O_O That Tri-Wedge Hub Rubik's Snake is flippin' amazing. Can't wait to starting building with these hub sets, gotta see what I can make. Kudos again guys, here's hoping gor many more get-to-here.

  4. Any idea on when the next drop will be or if the store is getting a restock soon?
    I'm jonesing.

    1. A small restock of black stuff will pop up over the next few weeks, followed by the next larger release in late May.

      One of the items in the black restock will be the Deep Space Glyan Cane version (the black with red highlight one from 2 weeks ago).
      The assortment for the black restock is looking like the following:

      Black Buildman
      Black Axis Joint Set
      Black Hub Set
      Black Glyan (Cane)
      Black Deep Space Glyan (Cane)
      Maybe a small surprise