Thank You!!!

Thank you for all the great support of Sunday night's new release! It was a small round, but the activity was solid and the numbers seemed to line up with the flow of interest for this particular assortment.

Extra special thanks for giving the new mini card set a chance. The idea of doing a Passcode themed project like this little card set has been discussed here for a number of years, so seeing it finally come to fruition was super satisfying, and thanks to Tom at Sidekick Labs the vintage quality is spot on.

This small launch also allowed us to try some packaging again, in the form of the NYCC 2013 Combo Pack. The Combo Pack was another project that Marcus and I had been talking with Tom about for quite some time. The graphics chosen were designed to match up with the Passcode theme, focusing on Marc's pixel art. For those of you that have been hanging around here for the last few years, you may also recognize some of those sprites from the old Warp Zone days (when new characters would debut in a secret store called the Warp Zone). There is also a little Easter Egg on the back of the packaging as well, referencing something from way back in the early days of our operation.

For future packaging projects, our idea is to try different themes every once in a while, focusing on the various styles that we each employ to realize all these oddball characters and strange story arcs. In general though, the figures will continue to be offered as per usual, in the simple polybags with no fancy fixings.

 Speaking of basic operations, we are almost done processing everything from Sunday, and will begin the shipping on Thursday morning, hopefully wrapping up sometime on Saturday afternoon.

Our next release will appear at the very end of November/beginning of December, and will close 2013 out for us. If you enjoyed the looks of Ecroyex Armorvor and like the color blue, then the next round may make you smile.

Thank you so much from all of us over here, for keeping the engine running! We owe everything to each one of you, and never take for granted how fortunate we are to be allowed to do this.


  1. Looking forward to getting these suckers in the mail! I missed out on them at the convention, and I couldn't pass up these colors.

  2. I'm super stoked to get these in hand.
    The cards look great and I hope they become a regular part of the drops.

  3. Matt, PLEASE bring back the Dark Traveler in more clear kool colors !!!

  4. Oh gods. If we're going to see a blue drop, my bank account will be hammered to the point of oblivion, and I will be smiling all the while.

  5. Just came upon your site on Sunday and thought the stuff was so cool that I had to place an order. Can't wait to get them. My first venture into the world of GLYOS.

  6. I was able to grab everything I wanted from this drop without any issues. I'm very impressed how smooth the site held up! Thank you all again for putting up the NYCC stuff for non-attendees to buy.

  7. Thanks for those nice figures, just a little question : will it be possible to decrease the shipping cost for other countries, like France for example ?.... I would like to order more often, but the shipping costs are really, really annoying... Buying a 8 $ figure and paying 35 $ in shipping cost is unfortunately ridiculous. Thanks anyway for your work :)