Regular Hours

After a great trip overseas, Jesse and I have returned to the daily business activities of our respective projects. We both want to take a moment to thank our various partners in crime on the other side of the world. Visiting China and Japan will always be a tremendously powerful experience, and that's 100% thanks to the extended family we have in those incredible locations.

Now that we're back, the preparations for NYCC 2013 have begun, and a list of our friends that we'll be exhibiting with will be popping up early tomorrow morning. We'll be set up at Booth #102, sharing connected space once again with Vermont's Retro Super Genius, Tom Lichtman of Sidekick Media (booth #203).

A wide selection of surprises are in store from multiple Glyos makers, ranging from all new production figures to debut hand cast creations. Regarding the subject of Japan, we're SUPER excited that RXH, Uamou and Skull Toys are returning for another showcase of all their collective sofubi mastery!

More details will be up soon. It's good to be back!


  1. Glad to hear that you've both made it back safely!

  2. Welcome back! I'm excited for my fourth NYCC! It'll be great to see you and your friends again. This year I want pictures with people. I got a great shot of me and Mori last year.