Mission Details

It's a small round, but there are some unique elements in the mix for Wave 50! Our Noboto mold continues to receive the deluxe paint treatment and a further expansion into the "Exiles" theme with this release, while the Neo Granthan Armorvor takes a page directly out of the classic Battle Beasts color playbook, circa 1987. The Super Crayboth for this assortment pays homage to the more bio-type mecha of the various animated bad guys from our youth, especially those found in Macross/ Robotech. The base green vinyl on this Super Cray matches last July's Orkmogg hue -as well as our friend (and new figure producer) Mike MZ's recent addition to the Glyos universe, the Zullbeast! I think this new color combination might be my personal favorite of all the Super Crayboths we've run up to this point. 

We do have a few secret entries on the list that hopefully you'll find interesting once revealed. It shouldn't be too hard to guess the mystery color, but within the selection of available items we did try something a little different.

We are on track for Sunday night, November 15th at 9:30PM EST. 

On to the list! 

Union of Exiles

Noboto -Exile Sechynn (Light Gray/ Gray paint/ Light Blue painted head w/ Black eyes/ bonus Light Blue/ Gray painted Protoclone head/ Dark Gray Detail Lines ) $10

Armorvor Neo Granthan -Gatorrior Mercenary (Olive Green/ White paint with Redorange visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features Neo Granthan head 

XXX - $14
XXX - $10

Crayboth - Dark Arzaurian Scout (Olive Green/ Bone accents/ Black accents/ Dark Green Detail Lines) $5 

Axis Joint Set -XXX  $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set
-XXX  $2 

Super Crayboth
-Arzaurian Pod Leader (Green Vinyl/ Bone paint/ Black accents/ Dark Green Detail Lines) $26 -Features 13 all new paint applications 

Thank you for nearly 50 releases over 8+ years! Michelle, Marcus and I can't believe this little ship has stayed operational for this long. We're so grateful that each of you continues to travel with us.


  1. Between seeing the colors on Sechynn and the Neo Granthan's tightness as an homage, I can't help but wonder: will there ever be a Dinosaucers Neo Granthan tribute?

    Can't wait to see what those XXXs are all about!

  2. great battlebeast homage and the noboto is one of my favorite color runs of that figure thus far.

  3. Ohhhh, that Super Cray' is outstanding. I've got a little pod of various olive green Crayboth on my desk -- adding this guy and the Orkmogg Leaders will rock the socks.

  4. That Neo Granthan is spot on for the Battle-Beast colors! Thanks again Matt & Co. for another solid drop.