Baltimore Comic Con 2007

The Baltimore Comic-con is one of east coasts coolest conventions, and LNCollections the Uber Nerd Toys Store will be bringing its unique collection of toys to this event to show and sell. Last year they occupied a tiny corner of this event and were overwhelmed by everyones response to the Niche Toys they brought. This year the entire LNC crew will be there, and will be showing and selling...

Stikfas & our Classic Alpha Male Military Exclusive
Fight-DiceTM – Rapid Action Dice Combat
Onell Design Figures – the Glyos System Figures

For more LNC Convention news go here.

We are honored to be featured with some of our favorites! Thanks LNC from all of us at Onell.

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  1. No thank you for posting this, now lets see what we can do about promoting your cool figure at BCC