Gamma Goes Glyos

The Beans from Beantown Toys have been a major project for the last year. Working with my partner in crime on Bean character design and illustration at Beantown Toys, Marc Beaudette, we have created well over 90 characters. The process that we go through to bring a Bean to life consists of a conceptual drawing (me) that is rendered with Illustrator into a finished piece (Marc). Sometimes we wonder what these little guys would look like if they ended up in the Glyos System. Well, here is what the Space Bean Gamma may look like if he crossed over.

Special thanks to Jesse for helping design Gamma.


  1. That cross-over idea is totally insane and the end product is jaw dropping AWESOME! i was just thinking, if everyone of those beans make a cross-over to Glyos, get sculpted and mass produced, I would never be able to afford putting my kids through college. keep up the great work guys!

  2. I am a big fan of both the beans and Glyos System characters. I think it would be cool to see how certain characters, such as Rechlen and Aves, would translate into Bean toys :)