In response to the amount of Junk Shop figures dwindling down, we have come up with something new to keep that solid low price as our other new bargain project comes together for launch in late July. Our friends at the factory in China have created some Junk Shop figures of their own, utilizing the orphaned parts from the last run of Buildman, that we can now put into circulation through the Junk Shop. These figures are actually in very good shape, far superior to the older Junk Shop offerings. Upon inspecting the completed figures we have even discovered some rare treasures in the mix. Though the Junk Shop Buildman figures have 19 parts, as opposed to the standard 13 available with Pheyden and Exellis, we will be still be selling them for the standard Junk Shop price of $4. There is a finite amount available and after that who is to say where the Junk Shop will land. One thing is for certain though, we will continue to push for lower prices and always strive to bring you guys the best deals possible. This will lead up to the opening of a new section on the site that we hope everyone finds useful and affordable, especially if you like to customize and build. Thanks for sticking with us and allowing us to grow.


  1. Cool!
    You make great toys and great business moves!

    Plus you updated the Junkshop link gif with Buildmen! cool!!

  2. I like the new .gif for the Junkshop. Almost feels like the rest of the pile should vanish in a "poof" cloud, leaving the lone Build-head suspended in the air for a second -- y'know, something Tex Avery-ish.

    Anyway, great idea!

  3. Yay, more Junk Shop figures. I'm curious what these "rare treasures" you speak of are.

  4. Purple buildmen!
    The Japan White with red visor buildmen! So many special parts! :O

  5. I love the new addition to the junk shop! Matt and the Onell crew rock! Maybe I will splurge a tiny bit b4 SDCC since these are so cheap! Thanks guys!

  6. I can't wait to see what good stuff I get!