Ruined and Revised

We should have known better, but our plans to launch all the new product this week had some sweet obstacles knocking us all over the place. Delayed shipments, last minute inspections and the usual lack of time beat the hell out of the crew. Things arrived on the day that we were flying out to SDCC. Then one bag of figures ended up in Dallas. We have been debating whether to launch a little batch this week, maybe the new Buildman stuff and Armodoc, but we want to unleash the new Passcode in all its crazy 8-bit glory with it. This Passcode has a few special prizes at the end that we hope will make you smile when you see them. Scar Pheydens, Sarvos and Phanost will all make new appearances in the regular shop along with the new Buildman colors and a certain long delayed Gendrone. New Phase Arm/Gobon Blasters will roll out as well. My personal apologies for the small delay, but in the meantime check out the Warp Zone. Everything else is a go when we return home next week. Thanks for rolling with the waves of this little project.


  1. Dude, this scar pheyden is intense! A grand addition to anyone's collection

  2. He looks great. I just ordered one along with some junkers.

  3. If the bonus is a pack of Nillin Sticks, I swear...

  4. Nice, its a good thing we get an extra paycheck this month.

  5. hey.. we're with you... when they're ready, we're here to get 'em! in the meantime, it's nice to have an official scar pheyden!

  6. Matt was telling me about this yesterday, damn customs interfering with the Glyos project. There's always something trying to slow this train down, but just like JC said; we're behind you guys! Of coarse it's easy for me to say since I just came from SDCC, but I digress. :)
    Oh yeah and this Scar Pheyden does look sick! Especially in hand and with the...oh yeah never mind. ;p

  7. At work but I will have to check out this Scar Pheyden when I get home. At least the delay will allow me to put some of todays paycheck towards the new stuff.

  8. Matt we are behind you 100% We all know you work like crazy and we can all wait a few more days. Sometimes the anticipation is more fun than the toys....yeah right who am I kidding the toys are definitely more fun!!!

    You guys are the best!

  9. I FREAKIN' wish i didn't live in Canada. Do you understand how hard it is to order?! I still don't know how much shipping would be for a single figure and a blaster, not to mention figures get sold out fast.

  10. Thanks for the heads up
    on the coming toys. I
    was worried things were
    going to go down on Friday
    while I was at work. This
    makes me fell much better
    knowing that you'll release
    them when things aren't so
    hectic due to SDCC.

    !! Onell ROCKS !!

  11. Official Scar Pheyden !!!

    Had to order one, now if we could only get a Scar Pheyden in Blue/ Orange

    You know, this cool scheme

  12. well i just chewed up the bonus lol REFERENCE to Roy