Real Fusion

During SDCC I received one of the best things in my toy making and collecting history, the first shot of our collaboration with Mori of Real X Head, a character we named Pheyaos. This little creature was dreamed up while I was visiting Japan last April. Mori and I wanted a representation of his main mutant, Chaos, fused with ol' Pheyden. Chaos has the ability to "sample" other beings with his Probe Arm and maybe he decided to absorb something cosmic for one of his experiments. Pheyaos is a first on quite a few levels- he is the first Real X Head mini with articulated arms and personally, he is the first toy design I worked on that I didn't actually sculpt. Mori's sculptor is incredible and captured all the details with precision and intuition. I haven't been able to put this thing down since I picked it up. We are working out the final details for release (shooting for late August/early September) and have some other collabs starting to come together as well. L'amour Supreme and I did double duty on a Glyos version of Chaos for a special upcoming project around the corner. Mori saw the final sculpt at the con and gave it his blessing for some urethane sets to be produced. L'amour also made some other interesting things in the last few weeks. To work with these artists is the best and I'm beyond lucky to have the chance to do it. Special thanks to Don "Datadub" Kratzer for opening the doors to the kingdom and connecting the creativity.


  1. 1.) Pheyos looks awesome -- I actually thought it was a Chaos / Phanost fusion, though, so it kinda threw me off a little. Dig that it has articulation!

    2.) The L'Amour collab looks sweet. Chaos might not have been my first choice (I'm a sucker for the Bigs m'self), but with a clear body and a Matt Walker paintjob, it could be one of the sickest things ever.

    3.) Side note: awesome! New torso in the light warm gray! Could a Standard Sarvos reissue be on its way?

  2. I was on the fence for a Real X Head, but I'm gonna have to get that Pheyaos, it just looks sinister.

  3. man... its awesome to see something only hinted out a month ago looking so awesome... so... is there anything you are NOT currently working on? nah, I didn't think so either...

  4. Matt please tell me we can all get the Glyos version of Chaos, and that it will not only be released as a custom core! Please! I must have this figure!! :) Pheyaos looks super-bad also. I hope we can all get one of those if we want as well. Little Pheyaos would look nice next to my Chaos fig.

    (your ArmoSwap worked out better than mine....how did you get Chaos' head on ol' Armo??)

  5. Whoa...RealXHead vs. GLyos...I'm in heaven...Matt, remember that shipping issue that won me a favour....please tell me how to call it in on something realhead related....(picture me begging)

  6. Wow! I was blown away when I saw this figure trolling thru SDCC pics. I have almost every mini mutant chaos figure released and would love to add this to the brood!
    Really nice job collaborating.
    Looking forward to the release.

    Ralph Cosentino