New Year Activity

We hope everybody had a great round of holidays to close out 2009. It was a really exciting time that took our projects on all kinds of adventures. The best part was doing it as a collective and sharing in the experiences. As 2010 gets rolling and new ideas are hatched, we want to say one more time how grateful all of us are for everything that you guys have brought into our lives. Onell Design would be nothing without the dedication and generosity that each of you have brought to this project. As always, we move forward together.

A few quick bits of info for January... We are on track to release the second version of Pheyaos (the first USA edition) near the end of this month in conjunction with an all new RXH themed Custom Corps. Mori has been working like a maniac to keep things on track. In honor of Real X Head, we will be posting some special content dedicated to the ongoing work of Mori Katsura and maybe even divulge a secret or two about the direction he is headed this year. Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive interview conducted by Don "Datadub" Kratzer with Mori to learn more about the amazing world of Real X Head.

While we play with RXH over here, make sure you are prepared for the Callgrim invasion that is being readied over at Callgrim.com! Jesse will be unleashing his largest assortment to date! The amount of artwork he is producing for this blitz is his most impressive yet, with unique designs for ALL the packaging as well as everything he's created for the highly anticipated Callgrim Animated Series. He has truly reached new heights with this effort. Keep cranking Jesse!

One last bit of info... Due to the strong response we received from the Founders release, we have sorted through the archives and will now be offering the last 3 figures from the original Wave 1 Series. Standard Exellis, Phase Pheyden and the super rare Reverse Exellis (never before sold online) will be available in the Founders Shop early this coming week. The price still remains $4 USD for these hard plastic old timers. Thanks again for all your support and stay creative -Matt


  1. Aweeeeesome!
    This new CC looks amazing. Glad you guys are keeping the scarves.
    (Someday you should sell packs of extra scarves. I need one for everyone. And large ones for armodocs.)
    Totally excited.

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I cant believe I'm finally going to get a chance at getting Pheyaos and a Chaos Trooper. Plus all the other releases with RxH this is going to be more than AWESOME!!

  3. Such a tsunami of fantastic news!
    I'm trying not drown in my own
    excitement. Everything going on
    at Onell has me so pumped that I
    can't think of one thing I like
    more than the others. What a great
    time to be a fan of Onell. In the
    future young toy fans will hear of
    wonderful stories about these days.

  4. Fantastic news, Matt!

    Everything looks GREAT! Duh-- like it really wouldn't! :) I can't think of a thing you've made yet that wasn't awesome. Looking forward to hearing more about Mori's stuff and seeing what you guys have in store. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished!

    Congrats, buddy!

  5. Holy crap does all of that look awesome.

    PHASE PHEYDEN! He was the one I always thought looked awesome but never did take the plunge way back when to get him.

    Pheyaos Man looks stellar, though my wallet is dreading the price (red scarf is cool but if there's another down the road a yellow scarfed shocker version would be sweet). I wonder what his mutant owl headed counterpart is over at the real x head site.

    The Chaos Troopers look great. I love the tiny doll eyes.

    Oh, and seeing those fortune cats remind me of Ferg's misfortune cats which also make me daydream of a crossover between Glyos and Ferg, namely squadts, which would be pretty cool as well.

    This is an overwhelmingly display of greatness on your part and I am very appreciative of the work you adn the rest of the onell and realx head band has done. My hat's off to all y'all.

    P.S. I second keeping the scarves in some way. They're mysterious goodness.

  6. I sure hope the current founders hold out until the rest of the founders mentioned in this post drop. I would love to place another order full of long outdated hard plasticy goodness!

    RXH themed Custom Corps look great as well!

  7. I'm still off balance from all those great holiday releases, and now this news!

    The return of Phase Pheyden is serendipitous and those Chaos Troopers: good golly miss Molly! And I simply can not wait for the new Callgrim drop.

    2010 is shaping up to be a very good year.

  8. Jeez, I can't freakin' wait for this one! All those guys look AMAZING; finally a shot at Pheyaos! The chaos troopers are just plain sick, i love it! Great job again, guys!

  9. I'm really diggin' the new Pheyaos colors, and of course Pheyaos Man is just flat-out awesome (though it's been proven that scarves add +5 to badass), but I have a question: whatever happened to the Chaos Trooper arms?

    Anyway, I've pretty much committed myself to only buying Glyos this year for toys, and right away I doubt I'll regret it. More Custom Corps? More Founders series? Just get some blank Sincroids and Travelers in the Buildstation, and I'll be set for the year...

  10. Looks GREAT!! Can't WAIT!! NEED Pheyaos and Pheyaos-Man!!

  11. what is the figure in the Looking Glass photo going to be called? i love the designer vinyl look of this guy! if you're debating colorways, i'm really into bright green these days!