The Pheyaos Release Plan

Wow, we were definitely not prepared for the response that this figure has generated from you guys. When we first decided to do this project it was for a more specialized part of our collecting community. There was positive feedback as well as a fair share of negative when Pheyaos images began popping up. Nonetheless we were excited and committed to bringing our Real x Head collaboration here to the USA. Based on the amount of emails I have personally received since the last post it is 100% guaranteed that we will not have enough of this edition to meet the demand. These runs with Mori are a fraction of what we normally manufacture as far as production numbers go, so we are in a slightly tough spot to begin with. The unit costs are much higher and the process is very different than with our core products, so striking the right balance between all the factors has been the goal. The next Pheyaos we bring over will absolutely have a higher production run, but it will still be lower than the standard amount we're used to.

To make things fair when Pheyaos becomes available later today, we will be running the operation in a different way at launch time. At 12 noon, January19th (Tuesday) EST we will begin taking emails at info@onelldesign.com. The first 25 emails received in chronological order will receive a response that they have secured the option to purchase one Pheyaos. I know this is a pain in the ass, but we really have no other option. If we place it in the store with a purchase button things will get messy very fast. My apologies for our low stock and for the inevitable disappointment that most of you are going to feel because our supply is too low. Please keep in mind that Pheyaos will return very soon in as high a production run as I can push for.

This topic does lend itself to another development in relation to our regular PVC releases. Coming in February we will be rolling out an all new assortment of figures, featuring brand new colorways of the usual suspects as well as a MAJOR infusion into the Build Station that has been long overdue. Gobon will be back in abundance and we are running our highest production numbers to date. The order is complete and will be shipping within the next few weeks. I've reviewed the samples (from the actual run) and they are the highest quality yet. My personal goal with this next release is to make sure that everyone walks away with everything they are interested in and no one feels like they missed out. Between the upcoming new Callgrim wave, the continuing RXH collaboration and our new standard assortments things should stay relatively fresh and hopefully interesting throughout the first half of this year. I am working like crazy to make the special RXH themed Custom Corps for this month loaded with surprises. The final number of figures should be even higher than the Dimension Drifter count. I hope that it makes up at least a little for the Pheyaos shortage. Thanks for reading this text bomb and I hope that some of it has made a modicum of sense.


  1. It makes sense to me. Thank you
    for being sensitive to all the
    fans and doing your best to
    accommodate us.

  2. Thanks for the update. It
    means a lot to me and I'm sure the
    entirety of the Glyos
    community as well that
    you're so transparent. Looking forward
    to this month as a whole, Pheyaos-abundant or otherwise!

  3. Darn, I was afraid that there would be this shortage problem, but I understand. I was actually thinking of emailing you Matt, and begging you to set one of these guys aside for me, but decided against it. Looks like I wasn't the only one who had that idea. Well, if we can't all get one this time, it will be time to have patience once more, and wait for the next time to snag one. That's what happens when you and Mori make such an awesome product!!

  4. made plenty of sense.. I'm not going to be anywhere near a computer tomorrow at noon, but at least I know there will be more down the line.

    while I never like missing out, I do think it is awesome that you've literally exploded in popularity in the last year... I can't imagine the things you're going to experience in this one!

  5. Hey Matt thanks for being so upfront about this and letting us all know the plan (which is the fairest way to do this) of course some people are going to miss out but I think everyone is just so pleased that your sucess seems to just keep gaining momentum that no one can be too disappointed. I just hope we don't break any email servers haha

  6. Looking forward to a lot of things, the end of this month into next should be a very deadly time to be a wallet. especially looking forward to the buildstation goodies as well as the hand cast surprises you have in store.

    cant wait.


  7. I actually think this is a good idea. Yeah its a different approach to what you normally do but I have seen limited releases go so fast that people had to be emailed and refunded their money because there were not enough to go around. I like the time heads up so hopefully people can email instead of having to be here for launch. Just make sure you check your spam because I know my email goes to a lot of spam when I send it. Good luck all and thank you Matt for the time an energy you put into your product for us rabid fans. :)

  8. Wowzers, I wasn't planning on getting Pheyaos anyway (lack of $$$ really) but good luck with the release in about 40 minutes. O_O

    Looking forward the the major infusion into the Build station as I keep churning out more heads/characters but most of them end up being paraplegic due to lack of available usable body parts. :-/

    Will also have to get at least 1 more Gobon as I currently just have the one.

    Keep up the good work dude! :-D

  9. well email sent lets see what happens good luck everyone

  10. Sat this one out, but looking forward to future Pheyaoa. I'm mostly psyched for this next Custom Corps wave as a Glyos sized Chaos may be the greatest toy ever made. All in all, exciting news!

  11. Well, I missed all the chaos with Pheyaos, but I'm hoping we get some sneaks as to what's heading our way toward the end of the month and the start of next. Seriously, though: take whatever time you need after all the craziness to settle down, man. One of these days, you're gonna need a break...

    As always, keep up the good work, Matt and co.!

  12. I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Pheyaos was a sell out, but I didn't have the $$$. Can not wait for the Buildman restock and the new colorways.

    Congrats to having a whole new customer base