Destroyator Buildman MK II

From the Mountain Making Phil Reed at BattleGrip.com:

This Saturday — May 1, 2010 — I’ll be releasing the second wave of Glyos System Buildman action figures (Onell Design) for sale. This release, the Buildman Destroyator Mk. II, is two figures merged into one design in a clamshell with a Phase Arm, two stickers, and an illustrated backer card. There will be 100 sets available.

The figures will be released at
12:00 pm CST and priced at $25/pack (includes US shipping; the cost for foreign orders with shipping will be $30).

We had a great time working with Phil on this project and it's really cool to see how he approached the packaging design and overall concept. This is one talented and dedicated dude. Awesome job Phil!

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