Monsterforge Unleashes Pheyjira!

I recently received something crazy in the mail. Meet "Pheyjira", a one of a kind, hand sculpted beauty from Charles "Monsterforge" Marsh. This is part of his brand new Kawaiiju series, an absolutely amazing set of 30 totally unique mini sculptures that combine a little bit of cute with a whole lot of cool. According to his blog, Charles will be releasing Pheyjira's kin blind bag style very soon. Keep checking in over there to stay updated on all the wild projects Charles has cooking. He may even have something in the works that might "enhance" some of the usual suspects around here.... Thank you Charles! I love this figure!


  1. Awsome stuff Charles, this little guy looks so great I wondered if you had tied this Kawaiiju into Glyos and you can't get much better than Pheyjira, congrats on the great figure Matt!

  2. Excellent work, Charles! And cute display, Matt!

  3. The first of the Kawaiiju
    have escaped!! We're doomed!!

    Fantastic little sculpt,
    Charles, and the color is
    perfect too.

    Thanks for sharing Pheyjira
    with us, Matt.

  4. Thats fantastic Charles!! All of them look fantastic but that is a great thing you did for Matt. :)

  5. Ahhhh! Look at that! My nephew and I were looking at this post and when we saw that picture with little Pheyjira jumping at Hades Pheyden we both just lost it. That's hilarious!

    I am SOOO glad you dig the little guy! Your creations have inspired all of us fans to do the craziest stuff! Thanks for posting these pics and sharing them with the dudes and dudettes!

  6. Amazing work Monsterforge! I wish we could all have a little Pheyjira!