Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who joined in on the release last night, we hope that you guys like the new Rig and the Fistfuls when they arrive. We'll keep the Fistful option open until later tonight, then it will be retired until everything has shipped out and we can dig up more stuff. The Bin has been burned through like crazy from the response!

It's fun trying different methods of getting stuff out to all of you, and we'll keep on tweaking things as long as we are allowed! For the record, I've personally spotted some very rare parts in the Bin as I've been going through it. There are a few things I couldn't believe we still had any trace of!

Our thanks once again to each and every one of you.


  1. That photo is awesome. Looking forward to seeing what the mighty fist has distributed to us!

  2. It's a shame about the fistfuls. I only ordered one last night. But I'm very excited to see what I'm getting! As for trying new things, I was thinking maybe you could experiment with different Axis Joint distributions?

  3. So I finally had five minutes to do something, and I'm kinda surprised that there was enough left for both Rigs and Fistfuls that I was able to order. Though, man, going into the Bin...that's something else.

    As for new methods, when the Beanbots make a comeback, I can see some fun part arrangements there with spare Phase Arms and Axis Joints.

  4. Glad I finally got in on a new wave with the Rig. Love the clear stuff from the last order. Looking forward to LED lighting some stuff up! Thanks guys.