Cerberus Tweak

While on the plane I tweaked the leg assembly for the recent contained build of Cerberus Gobon. I like this configuration a little better, as it's more stable and also allows for some lateral movement (splits!). So now this beefball has a rocket powered rump in addition to more Footloose dance moves!

Also, the blaster is now hooked to its side, which creates an actual battle action when you twist the big disc. Pretty funny to watch the "twist blast" motion.


  1. On second thought I think I like this config better, a touch more reminiscent of the original.

    Also I like the way the legs look while in a walking pose.

  2. Action features???? blowing my mind right now

  3. Okay, the twist-blast action feature *is* pretty cool. One could spend waaay too much time just playing with that. Twist and shout!