Dunkin' Moore

Jesse lost his mind when we came across this New England oasis.

At around 4 AM, I watched him rocket from a deep slumber, consume 3 donuts within 5 minutes, then quickly go back to sleep.

This was not an unusual incident.


  1. Did...did that label say "Pork Floss" for a doughnut? O_o??

    Hey, it's not everyday you can get Dunkin Doughnuts flavors from China, that is worth awakening from a deep slumber. Although I dunno how well that would sit in my belly afterwards.

    1. "Did...did that label say "Pork Floss" for a doughnut? O_o??"
      Does it really matter? If it's deep-fried and dunked in sugar, it's gonna be good! :)

  2. Really??? You guyz SUCK! You know how much I love DD!!! Did they have any squid & seaweed flavored munchkin's...hehehe

  3. Haha! Leave it to a few MA fellows to fly half way around the world and still find a dunkin donuts. Here in Lowell I can stand in one DD and see another down the road, haha.