Hub Holder

The spray mask patterns are like works of art. Above is a pic of the design used to add the paint onto a Hub Set dome.

That PMS 3375 C paint is starting to build up!


  1. Awesome! I was wondering how they got it painted on there, cool to see this stuff on the blog "live" from China! :-D Hope you guys are having a cool trip so far. Good Journey my friends.

  2. Cool! Just who came up with that set-up, anyway?

  3. Love this stuff! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the East!

  4. Wow that's awesome, love the behind the scenes action!

  5. 1) What!?! They don't paint them by hand? (I'v got to upgrade my technique.)
    2) That does look pretty darn cool as a work in itself. Hell, I'd buy that at a charity auction.
    3) I like how it's just stuck to the wall. Looks kind of temporary, like clay is holding it on.