Next Stop: Japan

Some shots from the air. Great visibility leaving Hong Kong.


  1. Good Journey guys, it's still weird to think that it's almost 10am where your heading while we're getting ready to go to sleep.

    Wait...so is it tomorrow there yet? How is the future? Do they have flying cars or food in pill form? O_o??

  2. Heh. You know the future of Japan will have huge Mech-like robots. Now that you mention it, your plane is in dangerous skies!

    I love taking pictures like that, and just watching the world shrink away during takeoff. At night it's especially surreal, watching the world become this little network of dots, like a strange fiber-optic model or a motherboard of lights. Parking lots, of all things are particularly cool looking because they are all orangy, backsplashing indirect light off the ground. Flight really is a miracle.