Concepts: Syclodoc

I'll try to keep the text brief on this one!

The Syclodoc was a concept that really came into focus in August of last year. I had been thinking about adding a new head to the Armodoc, so I did the normal crazy person pile of sketches, eventually arriving at the "Monodoc" design (though I also liked the simple straight visor look). I even took a few passes at some multi eyed heads, but the single peeper won out.

While I was drawing, I was also playing with some of my old Moon Platoon and Space Britains figures from back in the day. Both toy lines influenced the process, and of course as previously mentioned the iconic Zaku from Gundam was on the brain.

I was initially going to hide another mini visor face on the back side, but decided to emulate the Deep Space Glyan/Hub Set "helmet" instead. So technically, with the right paint job, you could make a beefball Deep Space Syclodoc by reversing the head.

It's been fun playing with the new Syclodoc, and we may just get some more parts to evolve the Armodoc again in 2013.


  1. What is that prototype sculpted from? It looks like rock!

  2. Matt, I've never heard of Britains Space line of toys so I had to look it up. W O W. I might have to try and pick some of these up, especially the Star-System line. Those are some absolutely beautifully imagined toys. I'd love to see more influences from that line end up in the Glyos universe.

    Back to the issue at hand, I am in love with the Syclodoc and these sketches really give a wonderful glimpse into their roots. I might have to print those out to make tiny versions to display in a Glyaxia research lab.

    1. Thanks George!

      Man, Britains Space is one of the hidden gems from the 80's! Check out this recent review:


      That line had a ton of strange additions, and many that are super tough to find. I saw a couple sets in Japan recently that were pretty expensive.

      At one point I was talking with a friend of mine about teaming up to bring Britains Space into Glyos as a crossover, but the rights are kind of in a mysterious place.

      An awesome line, even if it is mostly forgotten.

  3. I'm glad you decided against the overt face, and went for a subtle approach! I know I'm in a minority, but I really don't like dual-sided heads, such as the creepy, horned facce on the back of the Armorvor's helmet.

    I kind of love the idea of a helmeted spacesuit-equipped Armodoc, since they certainly don't need a helmet to survive in the Deep. It's pretty amusing to think of a fishbowl-covered Armodoc floating around.

    1. That's a floppy-eared dog face on the back of the helmet!

    2. And here I was imagining it as some sort of robotic boar. Thank you for now scarring my appreciation for the Armorvor's armour design.
      I am utterly terrified of dogs.

  4. Man, this is a really solid post. I absolutely love these BTS posts. While the original 'doc is still my favorite, I really like this guy. I really like seeing the sketches that lead up to this design and think the final form was s very wise choice. He still has that "I'm going to hunt travellers to the edge of the universe" look about them.

    What material is the prototype made of? Some form of clay? I always see the protos you do show in this material and have always been curious. Care to share?

    Like I said, I love these kinds of posts. It's like being a kid and walking into the den on Christmas morning. You don't really know what all you have at first. You just walk into a room of awesome. That's what these posts are like. That's also why I love them. It takes you a few minutes to take it all in. Then you look it all over and you see each individual gem. It's just great!

    Anyways, I look forward to more of these. I really hope to see one on the Delphi and how they progressed. Love to read your thoughts on them as well.

    Can't wait for more!

    1. You really nailed that description of Christmas morning! Exactly what I feel like with these too.

    2. Well said, M-F. And I've been curious about the actual compound (?) used in prototyping as well! A post just talking about that (with maybe some pictures illustrating the process) would be pretty keen!

    3. Thanks for the great feedback!

      The prototype head was made from Renshape, or REN. Check out this link:


      It is similar in feel to wood but is a polyurethane base and has no grain to battle with. Ron taught me how to use it many years ago. You can go nuts machining and sanding it without the danger of crumbling. Very useful as well because you can handle it. I love the stuff and build almost everything with it at this point.

      I do still sculpt most of the alien type heads with compounds. For example, the Delphi heads were sculpted with Aves epoxy. Actually, they were the very first thing I ever sculpted with that brand. Up to that point I used plumbers compound for everything.

  5. Really awesome design, man! I'll echo what everyone else has said about how entertaining and inspirational these behind the scenes posts are.
    I also like that you mentioned what toys you were playing around with while this was developed. My favorite interviews with bands are the ones when they talk about what they were listening to when they were working on an album. This is equally fascinating.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Those same things interest me as well, Ben. Tracking the creative DNA of something can lead to some pretty surprising information. It's funny what gets filtered through!

  6. Matt - have you considered entering this? Seems like Gyos would be a shoo-in for Best Toy Series and/or Best Action Figure or Figurine...