Head Shots

A few more pics of the new round. That gray Neo Sincroid is my current Pocket Survivor.

Also been playing with a little Armorvor build (pics incoming), carrying it around in the snow for the past few days while clearing our latest coating.


  1. Armorvor build? Color me interested, Matt!

    The gray does definitely look a little lighter than what we've seen, but it's the yellorange and white that still catch my eye. Without all the Gendrones, it'll be a fun challenge to see what builds a person can come up with using just the accessory packs, for sure, let alone possibly contained ones, the hardest of 'em all...

  2. It seems to get harder and harder to come up with a shopping list with each and every drop! You'd think it would be easier, but narrowing down the good stuff is next to impossible.

    To make matters even more tense, there's a chance I might miss the drop all together if I can't sneak out of work at the right time! Talk about stress :)

  3. I'm curious about what you're building with the Armorvor... there is a lot of potential, but I don't have a builder's mind.

    I'm looking forward to this... I might not get a lot of the grays, but the adventure people and phase colors will be MINE!

    1. I agree! I'm terrible at building (chalk it up to autism I suppose, though I am proud of the few designs I can come up with), so it's always a treat to see someone's builds. If nothing else, seeing the parts in use can inspire me to build something using things I never though of before!

      I'm glad you're all over the creamsicle colours, sicne it means mroe grey for me, hehe!