Knight Out

The above Neo Sincroid is sporting some Axis Joints (1 full set) and a scarf, which makes that helmet look kind of knight-ish.

This build has seen a lot of action since last month. With the beefier head, it reminds me of an old toy helmet I used to play with as a kid, which was some sort of Stormtrooper knock off. It also glowed if I remember right.


  1. The arms/chest are how i keep the bulk of my glyans as well! Knight build needs a banimon sword :)

  2. Awesome!!! Glyo knights!!! That could be a spin-off series of glyos system!! Just think of it... " The kingdoms of glyaxia " !!!! Awesome build by the way.

  3. Oh snap! And I prefer my Neo Legion Pheyden without his scarf too, freeing it for my Glyan. It's funny how I always manage to miss the simple stuff like this. I'm probably gonna build that Glyan now.

  4. Had to go and build this just to try it out. I can already see why it gets a lot of action with you, Matt. It's a totally different take on the Glyan with just the addition of the scarf. I'm trying to decide what to call it... Neo Sincroid Knight or Neo Space Knight

  5. I'm going with Sincro-knights. Actually, you could make that gun into a sword, if you switch around the parts a bit.

    1. Sincro-knights does have a very nice ring to it. I'm thinking of giving it either the red or silver sword from Banimon. The sword from Weaponeers of Mankaa is his current one, but it ends up being a little too thick and resembling more of a giant machete than a broadsword.