Thank You!!!

Thank you for the strong turnout last Friday night! It was a bit of a test for a few new things happening behind the scenes over here, from some new changes to the store's code to rolling the dice on higher production numbers across the assortment for this wave. Thanks to all of you, the new applications worked out positively, and it seems like the store operated more smoothly (thank you Marcus).

The new Swing Joints were ordered in higher numbers to hopefully allow everybody who was interested in them an opportunity to get as many sets as they wanted (as of this writing all three colors are still in stock).

It's our goal to find that special balance between having too much and having too little. Too much and we lose momentum on new assortments, too little and frustration mounts for all of us. In a perfect world we'd have everything from a new release available for literally every person who has an interest, at least for a few days after the initial launch, longer if possible.

The upcoming Buildstation rebirth has me very curious in regard to how everything will turn out. The risk is greater than usual, as the production numbers are much larger across the boards and the funds to cover everything may not be recouped when the new stuff goes live. We all think it's a chance worth taking though, and hopefully you will enjoy having things in the store that you can count on being there for extended periods of time (outside of wheels-ha!).

Marcus, Michelle and I love doing this so much, and that is entirely due to the community that supports each move that we make. When I write these thank you posts, the thought does not end when I finish putting down the words, the thought lasts through every day, and affects every decision that is made here.

When I'm an old man, I'll still be thinking about how grateful I am to each of you, for being the heart of a once goofy little kid's life dream.


  1. Matt,

    Realizing that you are extremely busy, is it possible to squeeze in a few more sample shots of the Swing Joints in action? Especially with say, Phase Arms and Travelers or Glyans? Or the Deep Space Glyan?

    This new development of the Glyos System has me so excited, I can't wait for this drop to arrive on my doorstep. I just need something to give my enthusiasm a sense of satiety over this.

    Kudos to you and your colleagues at Onell for your constant innovations of this great line. What makes it so enjoyable for someone of my collecting proclivities is how you are routinely able to come up with something that completely changes how one interacts with the larger collection of designs.

  2. Thank you Matt, for showing us all that we don't have to lose any part of ourselves to be successful, that we can achieve our dreams, and that drive and creativity goes a long way. Its a lesson that everyone needs to learn.

  3. Thanks, Matt. I am an incredibly fickle collector. I have interests in many lines, and I'll usually get really into something for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months; before losing interest and moving onto something else. Usually if I lose interest in something, I'll come back around to it after a year or two.

    Glyos, on the other hand, is a constant for me. Your figures have kept my interest since I first purchased my ferrum and narras buildmen. I may not have been there for every drop, usually because of funds, occassionally because the colors didn't interest me; but I am always looking for more Glyos, and I always keep some around to fiddle with. That is a testament to the quality sculpts, durability, and playability of this line. You keep making them, I'll keep buying them.

  4. Matt, you are one of the good ones, as are all of the Glyos family. You've taken your dream and made it so much more, serving as an inspiration for some to never give up and to always create. So much so, in fact, that it's sometimes worrisome on this end when something doesn't immediately sell out, as anyone who has followed Glyos knows just how much the line matters to you all in a more practical sense than what we're used to talking about. (The Buildstation might make for my biggest contribution to Glyos since the old days, in part for that very reason.)

    Please continue doing all that you do, and we on this side of things will do our very best to chip-in and keep you living the dream. With few exceptions, once someone joins this little community, they stay, and with good reason after another. With a little luck, maybe we can continue to grow with each passing drop to something far, far greater than these tiny plastic toys, by their size alone, suggest.

  5. I think the new Buildstation will go a long way to making Glyos easier for newbies to get into. In my experiences on twitter and in the comments of my Glyos videos, one of the hardest things to communicate to curious onlookers is how and why particular things are sold out, and one of the hardest questions to answer is "what should my Glyos starter pack be". The idea of the new Buildstation feels like it'll be easier to answer the latter more definitively. :D

  6. You are a man of eloquent words, Matt. We thank you for your continued creativity, and for allowing us to share in said creativity. And I personally thank you for creating such a wonderful series of toys. Glyos has pretty much taken precedence as the one toy line I continue to collect.

  7. No problem :p also do you have any plans to update the archive anytime soon?

  8. Glad that the last drop was another success. I can't wait to put the new swing set in action and to send an even more poseable Cane on new adventures.

    I hope that the swing sets will become a permanant and popular addition

    The new buildstation sounds very exciting as well.

    Even if I'm only on the buying and collecting side, it's great to see the Glyos universe growing with each drop, and I'm happy to be a witness to it.

  9. This, like drops before it, will leave me giddy to get my package, to the point of refreshing the tracking every hour.

    I'm glad to be a part of the wonderful community of glyos, and i'm glad that i stumbled upon it. It's a very interesting line, made by very interesting and kind people. That magic moment of tearing the box open and seeing what i got,will be in my memories for a long time. So thank YOU matt, for making a toy line that made me play with toys, instead of collecting them.

  10. Another Great Drop! Thanks to the Onell Crew for tweaking things out and making the store flow better and longer. Love all the selection and new items to make playability that much more fun for us adults and kids alike. Your little Surprises on drop nights are always well loved and appreciated by us all.

    Looking forward to the upcoming Buildstation. (Even though my wife is not!) hehehehe

    I'll be Back!!!

  11. Hello Matt,
    I was wondering if you have ever considered pre-orders? I'm not sure what lead time you need for ordering and delivering from overseas, but would/have you ever considered showing a preview drop and then having people pre-order the amount(s) they want and then you could order that plus some extra for non-preorder people? Just curious and as always thank you for everything and well, for being you!

  12. This is my first drop since Zorrenor, and it's so good to be back in the plastic crack fold!

    I've gotta say, I wasn't a toy collecting kind of guy until Glyos. I heard about this stuff at just the point when I most needed to be reminded to have a sense of possibility in the world. Matt, you're truly a hero to me in that you're following your dreams like this. Keep it up! I'll keep buying my token force of dudes every other wave or so!

  13. I'm sad I couldn't get most of the travelers, it's always a dilemma when real world plans interfere with toy buying...

    luckily, I was able to get the swing joints and Bah'Glenn and Dex were able to snag me an armorvor (many many thanks guys!)

    luckily, the colorway this time around was one I have similar versions of...

    you are an inspiration to everyone Matt and the amount of work you put in for so many people is beyond belief. I hope to talk to you soon and I cannot wait to upgrade some glyans with the swing joints!

  14. Thank you Matt. Your work has been a big inspiration over these past few years. As one who normally dwells in the fantasy realm, your characters and stories have pushed me to try taking my characters into space. It has been fun for me, not so much for my characters haha. I enjoy the stories within the passcodes and comic immensely and love taking the occasional peeks behind the curtain seeing production art and lost projects.

    I'm sure Ralph has learned to hate me over the years as I hound him to make more comic pages haha.

    Still holding onto the dream of production Aves! Keep hope alive!

  15. I tried my hardest to get the Armorvor...but it wasn't so. Still I got plenty and I'm super happy that I could get some stuff from you guys again.