Combo Suits

The "Combo Suits" above are Contained Builds, each one completely utilizing the following:

-2 Hub Sets
-2 Phase Arms
-2 Gobon Blasters
-1 Axis Joint Set
-1 Swing Joint Set

The design is a variation of the Quick Suit, with the new Swing Joints mixed in. The backpacks are connected at two points, to increase the stability and bring a tighter feel to the figure. The use of the Swing Joints here is very straight forward, but allows for some expanded poseability and just feels kind of neat in hand.

Building complete, functioning figures from just the accessory sets has been a definite obsession over here!

"Small Crawlers" up next!


  1. Good ol' snouts! The variations in these is also nice, serving as a jump-off point for us to find a take of our own. (Speaking for myself, something from this wave is getting a set of extra robot arms as a backpack.)

  2. Building some Doc Ock type mecha tentacles is a must! Even though the Swing Joints can come apart, the temptation to just joint everything in a traditional way has been making me crazy.

    Speaking of the Swing Joints, they are designed in a similar way to the Axis Joints, in that there are male and female assignments within each connection point between the vertical surfaces. This was done so that the connections remain strong when bearing a load. We made a slight pocket around each female fit function which creates a small vacuum when connected with its mate. The fit is very tight yet fluid.

    The 6 Switch Pins are included to allow for connection options between the parts. I love Switch Pins, but these Swing Joints were compromised when we tried making every fit a female.

    Sometimes, it's just more fun to slap the parts together and get a super solid fit without having to fidget with ultra tiny parts.

    1. So, in other words, if the male connector is on one piece (say the "banded" section) in one joint, then the opposite piece (in this case, the "smooth-ended" section) in the paired joint would have the male connector?

    2. The shorter Swing Joints have permanent males at the bottom, the longer Swing Joints (with the "band") have female fits at the bottom. The vertical fit functions are 2 males and two females.

      Long Swing Joint -Vertical Male/Bottom Female
      Long Swing Joint 2 -Vertical Female/Bottom Female

      Short Swing Joint -Vertical Male/Bottom Male
      Short Swing Joint 2 -Vertical Female/Bottom Male

      Short Right Angle x2 -Female/Male -one fit designed to look like a shoulder and one to look like a hip, depending on how you connect the part.

      6 Switch Pins

      I'll step on getting that diagram up! Ha!

    3. Hah, thanks for that! This definitely answers a few questions already. Even with the "compromises," it doesn't really sound like this will hinder building with the joints at all. (As you stated before, it's a small relief to not have to fidget with the Pins all the time.)

      Can't wait to get some of these in-hand. And I can only imagine how nicely the yellorange will "pop" when mixed with this wave's colors!

    4. Now I need even more swing joints! I didn't think about tentacles!

      If I can't afford it now (though I'll try to make ends meet) I'll definitely be picking up a few handfuls later on.

      I am curious if there's a Phaseon upgrade, and still want to see that fabled Crayboth one. Kavirvu needs to match my axis-jointed Rynevo after all!

  3. I love the backpack connection's double-tri pin to hub. I am shocked that the dimensions of the two gobon balls sandwiching a gobon blaster is the perfect size for those pieces to fit!
    I may have to use that backpack configuration as a large robot torso segment with ab-crunch!

  4. Any alternate foot configurations? I'm not to keen on that one. I'm probably doing something wrong with my builds, but thye have a bit of a tipping problem.

    1. Speaking for myself, an additional Axis Joint Set could get you the same style of feet used in the Phase Defender. The toe and heel are about flush with each other, so it might help.