Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great start to 2015! It was awesome seeing some old names come up in the mix during the launch.

I will attempt to keep this brief (right), as we are currently in the middle of a historic blizzard up here in New England and my shoveling/plowing duties are in overdrive.

The debut of the new production Neo Granthan head is something that has been in the works for about a year (like many of the projects here as of late). Finally being able to handle a full production piece, as well as spend some time looking at it through the camera lens has been a strange experience, mainly because this small addition to the ranks has a pretty deep significance within the development of Glyos. I have been drawing and working on the stories for the Granthans since way back in the early days of Rechlen and Aves, and the location of the planet Granthan has been a pivotal story point for many of the events that have transpired in our long running loose narrative (check out the Passcode section to your right).

The LSA battled Govurom there.

Govurom was defeated by Infiltrator Argen there.

Argen was freed by Pheyden there.

The Armodocs were created by Viyer there.

The Massacre on Granthan occurred there.

Agent Nemica became Hades there.

As the stories came together over the years, Marc, Jesse and I talked about eventually spotlighting the inhabitants of planet Granthan, and their role in the larger scheme of things. This was further explored when Marty and I collaborated on the first version of the Granthan head, which Marty sculpted, cast and still offers through his site.

These twists and turns have all arrived at the Neo Granthan version of the Armorvor. I'll expound on the reasoning for the updated look, partial head armor (fires a "Primal Ray") and color choices later, but each aspect has specific thought put behind the final appearance.

I hope that when these new figures land in your hands they spark the imagination and make you smile.

Now, I'm off to shovel.


Shipping updates will pop up as we dig out of this Snowzone throughout the week!


  1. Was a fantastic drop, glad I was finally able to secure an Argen for myself this time around! Hopefully there's more story coming down the pipeline for the introduction of the Neo Granthans.
    In the meantime (forgiveness if this is considered uncouth here) I've been working on a little story project using Glyos figures and if anyone wants to check it out just plug in Riftspace.tumblr.com and scroll down to the very bottom to start the adventure. All I can say is Matt, you've been very inspiring. Cheers!

  2. I'm excited to see anything dinosaur related in Glyos, and these color combinations are so much fun. Cliffwalker and Vryllis are my favorite ones, with Gladiator running in 2nd place. Can't wait to hear (well, technically "read") more about the Neo Granthans in upcoming blog posts. I for one am glad they are finally here, but am sad they do not have tails.

    We just got hit with like 17-22" of snow here on Long Island, and I can't even get to work at the school to do snow removal as they haven't plowed my block yet.

    With all the near Hoth-like blizzards you guys have been getting, you really need to either make an arctic figure (wait, that gave me an idea...) OR do an Arctic Exploration Division drop just so that everyone can have arctic guys to play in the snow with.

  3. I have always liked the loose storyline, one of the things I enjoy most in toy lines. I see the Granthans as a surly peoples, angry at the way their planet has been viewed as a precious commodity one day, and a battleground the next. They betray the other core systems of Glyos and join up with the Armorvors, hence the identical armor.

  4. Another great line-up! Wasn't sure how I felt about the Neo Granthans at first, but then realized that Bosskk + Glyos = Awesome! Really like the look of the Metran blue, curious to see how it mixes with other colors, would love to get some maroon to mix it with down the road.

    Agree with Bah'Glenn, would love to see a Nemica Expeditionary Force.

    Congrats on another great release, thanks for all you guys do to bring us such great stuff, can't wait to see what 2015 brings!