Redlaw Effect

We are on track for a new release next Sunday, January 25th, at 9:30PM EST.  Among the items popping in the store will be the Redlaw Argen shown above, as well as a decent assortment of building accessories, some Crayboth and just maybe the return of that stubborn Armorvor.

More details and pics coming this week!


  1. I'm loving that face. Redlaw Argen looks pissed!

  2. I'm a little envious of your slush/snow. All we have here is cold rain :(
    Argen looks cool too!

  3. That's awesome, Matt! The eye detailing is perfect on this one, and there's just the right amount of ice and slush that he looks like he's just trekked through the surface of some frozen lake.

  4. Cool! I like the silver with black line detail around it. I keep meaning to grab an Argen to be my standard Argen, but they sell out before I have money to buy one. Odds are I may use to wait until the following Argen, whatever he may be.

    Will you be releasing standard Buildmen again anytime soon, or is the A is jointed Argen head the new standard? It's crazy to think the Buildman has been around for just about 6 years now, namely because it's nostalgic to me as they were the first Glyos figures I started getting en-masse for building.

  5. Just what is the redclaw effect!?