Mission Details

We have been experiencing some fun internet issues for the last few days, which have finally been half conquered here in the early hours of Saturday morning. Sorry for the extra delay in popping up the list.

All the new stuff has arrived, been processed and is ready to go! There will be a few surprises, and the new addition to the Armorvor family will finally be revealed. It seems surreal to see the new head in full production after wrestling with it for such a solid stack of months. I hope you guys dig the new spin on things when you see it.

A Metran Blue assortment has been cooking in the background since late last year, and carries on the Real Type color continuity from our recent waves. The PVC in hand is slightly subdued (like a faded cobalt blue), yet still displays a rich hue under the light. Paired with the Cool Gray 7C, there is definitely another Gundam vibe coming through the mix.  

We are still on track for this Sunday, January 25th at 9:30PM EST, pending the ferocity of the impending winter storm that's rolling in later today. Hopefully we should be good.

On to the list!

Metran Security Command

Glyan -MSC Standard (Metran Blue with Black visors and White tampo) $8

Commander Rasenyker Sarvos (Metran Blue with painted eyes/ Gray accents and White tampo w/ Blue Phanost head) $9

MSC Extra Set (Metran Blue with painted eyes Pheyden head and Scar Pheyden head/ Gray accented Traveler chest/ Traveler pelvis/ scarf) $4

Axis Buildman Argen MK XIV (Clear Purple/ Metallic Silver accents/ select Black detail lines and White tampos) $12

Crayboth Marauder MK II $4
Crayboth Cosmic Wave $4


Swing Joint Set -Metran Blue $4
Swing Joint Set -Clear Purple $4

Hub Set -Metran Blue with Black accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Metran Blue $4
Axis Joint Set -Clear Purple $4 
Axis Joint Set -Black (Restock) $4 

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Metran Blue with Black accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Clear Purple with Silver accent and select detail lines $2

Super Crayboth -Marauder Pod Leader (Reddish Brown Vinyl/ Purple paint/ Dark Purple accents) $25

Thank you for looking over the first list of 2015!


  1. And now we have the blue Full Armor Gundam colors! I might have to experiment with the Crayhunters wave and these colors... And the olive green as well. This wave is awesome, and now that I've finally found work again, I can afford to get everything I want!

  2. Good luck out there! We got some of it overnight, and though it isn't too bad, it's a nightmare for drivers.

    As for the list: out of all of the awesome stuff, having two of the old two-pack Crayboth available again, at the same time, is a nice touch. (How many folks remember that the old Marauder came with a trans-blue partner?) The new blue is fantastic, too!

    1. I remember that Roy! Over the years before Matt sold through all the 1st Crayboth 2-packs, I think this one was one I never bought before they sold out. My first 2-pack was the Sentinel/Aqua-LightBlueGreen Crayboth & Transluecent Yellow.

  3. Looking forward to Metran Blue, glad I've got a stockpile of cool grey build parts of from the last drop. :)
    I really dig that Super Crayboth are being made in all the classic Cray' colors.

  4. Show the Armorvor already! ;)

  5. I'm digging the colors on that Super Crayboth Matt! It's funny how some color combinations work so well together. The painted eyes on Argen with the detail lines around it really makes a difference, much more vibrant and it really draws your eyes to it.

    I am not sure what I'll be able to get from this drop, for whatever reason the last 6 or so drops fall right after I pay rent and before my next paycheck so I never have any extra $$$ to toss as Glyos. Plus with a little one on the way I need to save my pennies for him too.

    Oh quick question: Are the 4 Horsemen doing their usual art show at Toy Tokyo next month? And if so, barring any snow up there in MA, will you guys be coming down for it?