Distress Call

Our good friend and fellow Glyos producer, Dominic Campisi of Nemo's Factory, lost almost all of his belongings in a house fire that also affected his housemates just a few days ago. Dominic's clothes, phone, computer and even his original master sculpts were all casualties of the fire's ferocity.

Some of Dominic's friends have set up a special GoFundMe relief campaign to assist in getting things back in order for everyone affected by this recent hard turn. All donations are greatly appreciated by Dominic and his housemates and will be used to replace the damaged and destroyed personal effects of everyone involved in the fire.

Please also check out Dominic's site and take a look at his excellent debut figure, the AV Robot, as well as his incredible original comic book that features artwork by the incomparable Ralph Niese.

We send our best out to you Dom, and know that you'll land on your feet with your trademark resiliency and incredibly positive attitude.


  1. This is terrible news! I'm broadcasting this on Facebook immediately.

  2. This is stomach-churning news and I send Dominic my strongest thoughts. I am dismayed by the loss of creativity in this disaster -- there were so many original sculpts in Nemo's Loft of Ideas that are now lost to the world.
    If Dominic seems slow to respond to our outpouring of sympathy, please remember that his phone and computer are gone -- thus he has no real way to communicate with the web.

    1. Kranix informed me of this disaster the other day, I was flabbergasted that this happened to him. The destruction of his original sculpts is equally horrible news, I was especially fond of this tiny figurines called "pilots" I think that had Glyos legs on their backs and could peg-into things to "drive" it. I hope he gets his life back in order swiftly, this is a terrible thing to have happen to anybody, especially an artist.

  3. Damn, I'm glad everyone's OK though.