Mission Details

The Gendrone Forces have been plunged into civil war!

After serving as Argen's right hand through many missions, Enyriun takes the form of a Hi-Phaseon, finally making a move to break free of his former friend's increasingly dark machinations and liberate his fellow Gendrones from Argen's command.

This wave is loaded with build potential, and spotlights a new, darker metallic red, one that has been requested a number of times since we ran the first lighter metallic red a while back. We've been calling it Metal Blood around here, and a little preview did sneak out as a bonus back in May as a stowaway Crayboth.

We also have some restocks, in the form of Dreadvalken Overlord Phanost and the Stealth Crayboth. All outstanding Phanosts that are owed to those that received refunds after the last release will get there packages mailed out before the launch on Sunday night, unless you want us to pack the figures in with your new orders.

We are on track for Sunday night, September 6th at 9:30PM EDT. 

On to the list! 

The Gendrone War

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Imperium Mutation (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, Metallic Teal Blue head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe/ Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12

Elder Exellis -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, removable belt, LSA head, Dark Traveler head/ scarf/ inner scarf) $8

Dreadvalken Overlord Phanost MK II (Clear Smoke Gray w/ Red eyes/ Black accents and matching Sarvos head/ Scar Pheyden head/ Pheyden head/ Pheyden chest/ Pheyden pelvis)  $10 RESTOCK

Axis Buildman Argen MK XVIII -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Visors and White tampos -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Axis Armored Buildman -Gendrone Liberation (Metallic Blood Red w/ Black Visors and White tampo) -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Armored Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Hi-Phaseon Enyriun MK VI -Gendrone Liberation (Metallic Blood Red w/ Black Visors and White tampo) $14 
NOTE- Each Hi-Phaseon is made up of one Phaseon and TWO painted Hub Sets

Advanced Phaseon -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Viosrs and White tampos) $10
NOTE- Each Advanced Phaseon is made up of one Phaseon and one painted Hub Set   

Gendrone Force Defender -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Viosrs/ Black accents and White tampos) $16
(Special Reconfigured Edition of Toyfinity's Robo Force Maxx Zero)

Neo Sincroid -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, White tampo and bonus Glyan head) $8

Noboto -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, White tampo and bonus Protoclone head ) $8 

Gobon -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes and White tampo) $8

Armorvor Neo Granthan -Gendrone Imperium Mimic (Metallic Teal Blue/ Black Paint with Red visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features Neo Granthan head

Crayboth -XXX $4
Crayboth -XXX $4
Crayboth -Stealth MK V $3 (RESTOCK)
Swing Joint Set -Metallic Teal Blue $4
Swing Joint Set -Metallic Blood Red $4

Hub Set -Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Metallic Teal Blue $4
Axis Joint Set -Metallic Blood Red $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Metallic Blood Red w/ Black accent $2

Core Block -Sunstorm (Pearlescent Yellow Vinyl/ Orange Paint with Black accents and White tampo print) $12  


Thanks for checking out the latest assortment! More pics and details leading up to the release.


  1. Gah! Of all the drops . . . this is a builder's dream!

    It's also nice to get a Hi-Phaseon as a drop release. Just kinda surprised to see that Enyriun's allowed some Axis tech among his Gendrones' ranks...

  2. I'm stoked! I was hoping for a new Armorvor and this one sounds delicious. I'm a die hard Vor fan, can't wait. The rest of the launch is on point as well. Thank you for doing what you do.

  3. Is it just me, or is the Liberation faction way outnumbered?

    1. They don't seem to have the same variety of sculpts, true, but maybe it's because the Libs are more the "classic" Gendrones, while the Imps are all the newcomers since?

      Unless Enyriun has Crayboth back-up, of course. There had to be a reason he snagged those Cray twins, eapecially after all their discussions about Argen...

    2. Hey Cappy and Roy!

      Like any good uprising, things usually start on the smaller side!

      Enyriun's philosophies actually echo closely to those of Argen's, minus the growing need for dominion over other lifeforms in the quest for transcendence. Argen's reliance on the Villser-born Axis Tech granted tremendous power to the Gendrone Forces, but without the proper controls in place, also linked those that utilized it to something driven almost solely by the need to evolve through domination.

      The Renegades sensed the darkness within Argen when they first met, and sent their "children", the Phaseons, with Argen in the guise of support, but with a secret protocol to neutralize the rebellious gendrone in the event that things spun out of control.

      What the Renegades did not predict was that most of the Phaseons would come to truly believe in Argen's core ideology.

      Only Enyriun remained absolutely dedicated to the original Phaseon mission, determined to avoid a terrifying vision of the future that had been granted to the lone Phaseon upon the moment of its awakening into true sentience.

      This vision of a "Gendrone Empire" was also experienced by the Crayboth.

    3. Dang. Enyriun is one heck of an underdog here, then.

      But if Axis tech started this whole mess in the first place, then does that mean the Buildmen on Enyriun's side are using the properly controlled tech?

    4. Each Buildman that joins the Gendrone Liberation also wants freedom from Argen's command, and rise up when Enyriun takes a stand.

      By remaining integrated with the Axis Tech they hope to increase their chances of breaking free, and possibly mastering their abilities without the influence of those they believe corrupted by an inherent weakness from within.

      Also, it's probably hard to return a Lamborghini back to the dealership, even if the mileage is totally suspect.

      Thanks for your questions and interest in this stuff, Roy. I truly appreciate that you continue to explore these strange places with us!

    5. Awesome backstory Matt, feels like it has been years since Argen became his new form, so it's very cool to see the story progressing. I s need to get one of these new Argens, every Argen release that has happened I'm ussually low on cash, not interested in a particular colorway or the sell out really fast. One of these days I'll snag one!

      Oh, incidentally, will we ever see a traditional, non-Axis joint/New Argen head Buildman released again? The buildman is my favorite Glyos figure and I feel like they are deeply rooted in my nostalgia as I remember playing with them outside back in 2009 when they were first released. Since it has transformed into "Argen" for 12+ releases now, buying just buildmen for building or troop building is very difficult. I don't know if others feel this way, but I'd love to see some standard buildmen available that are not axis joint upgraded and harken back to Glyos of 6 or so years ago.

    6. Wow Matt! Who knew there was so much more about why the red buildmen still have axis joints than it would seem. Epic drop! :)

    7. Awesome stuff right there, thanks for sharing Matt. So love where this story-line is going and can't wait to find out whats around the next corner...like, where are the Travelers while all this is going down? How powerful can Argen get? What will it take to stop him? Is there any chance of redemption for him?

      Also, you mentioned the Renegades, I totally missed out on that awesomeness, since they play a role in this is there any chance of a return of them? I'm sure that I'm just one of many who'd love to see that!

      Good luck on tonight's drop!

    8. Thanks for answering, Matt! This is some fascinating stuff!

      It'll be cool to see what happens next. Maybe some Phaseons will join Enyriun after all, or maybe the Renegades will step up and make their opposition to Argen known. Or Exellis, given that whole "together we must defy a darker fate" thing...

  4. Part of me wishes I had a block base like that for photos and recording... but then another part of me remembers what a bad idea that is. That second part is my wallet. Curious how a lone block of a very different color got into this drop... hmmm...

    1. Hey TJ! The Block really is a strange creation, but when you have a small pile, things can get pretty fun.

      This particular Block color scheme pays tribute to the boxing ring of the classic Marx Rock'em Sock'em robot boxing game with just a sprinkle of some old school Megaman level design.

  5. Replies
    1. Hey Michael! You've made Michelle smile with that comment.

      The Metallic Teal Blue really pops across Gobon's larger frame, particularly when a ray of sunlight shoots across the little bugger!

    2. I am glad my enthusiasm/excitement pleased her. Hopefully Gobons will continue to be released for a long time. The color looks nice. I hope some Gobons defect to the Liberation. Silly maybe, but I like to imagine every Gobon is good-natured deep down. I am glad I have been able to get all that have been released since he returned.

    3. Well, given what was said in the comments above, maybe we'll see some Renegades come around and bring some Gobons over to the "good guy" fold!

  6. Is this metallic red different than the past metallic red? Just checking so i know if i can use some pieces that i already have

    1. This new Metallic Red has a darker finish and richer hue, but still builds well with the original Gendrone Rebellion Metallic Red.

      It's a little tough to capture the true metallic effect of the new blood red in pics, but in hand you can see the difference. The light pushes and pulls the various pearlescent striations within each part in a more pronounced way than the original GR red.

      These two new colors definitely have roots in previous waves, and hopefully serve to continue the Gendrone tradition of fun, affordable, building centered assortments with slightly higher production numbers.

  7. I have one of the may stowaway crayboth and the color is stellar!

  8. Thank You for adding the Gobon to the line up! Always bummed if I don't see him in a drop.

  9. I assume this is the same blue that was in the recent NiStuff Outlander drop? It's one of my favorite colors yet!

    1. It is! The major difference is the painted accent color.

      This particular hue actually squeaked out as a secret bonus stowaway back in June!

  10. Spectacular line-up! I hope the colors on the block make their way to a full vinyl run!