Enter the Glyoverse

After over a decade, one of our favorites spots on the web, the October Toys Forum, will be shutting down at the end of this month.

Throughout the years our great friends George and Ayleen have generously donated endless amounts of their personal time and effort into maintaining the boards for all of us to peruse and enjoy, fostering an incredible community along the way. The wealth of information that has been amassed in the Glyos section alone is beyond measure. Spending time checking out what everybody is up to has been an invaluable resource on so many levels. The OTF will be fondly remembered and truly missed by all of us here at Onell.

For all the glorious years of true partnership, open communication and good times, we salute our extended family over at October Toys with a full heart. Thank you for everything.

For all of you that have participated in the OTF community, whether posting or just lurking, please know that you have absolutely influenced and assisted in building the very foundation of what we do here. We are forever grateful.

Though we are definitely feeling melancholy about the end of the OTF era, we are also looking forward to what the future holds.

Year after year, Marcus and I have continually been engaged in an ongoing discussion concerning the ever growing world of social media. As evidenced by our complete lack of it, we have consistently kept everything we do contained within this little blog. Being the caveman that I am, this method has served our modest system fairly well, but now with the end of the OTF pending and the loss of an official place for everyone to openly share, the time has finally come to shuffle the deck.

Behind the scenes Marcus has been readying some countermeasures in the event we lost the forum, or simply decided to venture into the universe of modern communications (I am a relic, Marc is not).

Below you will be introduced to something we probably should have activated many moons ago. My sincere thanks to my always technologically savvy brother Marcus for dragging us through a necessary threshold into the future.  -Matt

With the closing of the OTF chapter, we begin the next phase with not one but two new online realms for the Glyos System.

The Glyoverse is a community powered tumblelog where anyone can upload photos, artwork and all types of Glyos related content. Our goal with this site is to cultivate inspiration and excitement for the Glyos System Series, but most importantly to allow the artists, fans, collectors and friends of the line an equal chance to contribute to the community. Matt, Michelle and I can never stop thanking you guys for the incredible support over the years, and we hope this site becomes a tribute to what we have all built together.

We set up a few guidelines for submissions to the Glyoverse. Please read them through before submitting, and also take some time to review the tagging system. The tags will become the filing structure for the Gallery section, coming in the weeks ahead.

The Glyos Tumblr will serve as a fun companion to the Onell blog. The current Blogger site will remain the primary source for all things Onell, whereas the Tumblr will be more of an anything-goes stream of Glyos images and content. We'll be exploring things from the past, present and even the future, including unreleased sketches, scraps, and other oddities.

If you have any questions or feedback, please comment here or email web@glyos.com.

Also, we are looking into various options for a new forum, as well as potentially exploring other social media platforms. The caveman has to get comfortable around a fire before we board any spaceships...

Thanks again for continuing to build this unique and enduring community with us. -Marc


  1. This is both sad news, dealing with the closing of the OTF, and also happy news to see the Onell crew branching out into other areas. Huge thanks to Marcus for getting this started

  2. Many of us that used the OTF as our community's hub are sad to see it go for more than one reason. Speaking for myself, I've been fortunate to have interacted with many wonderful individuals in a place where creativity never seemed to be taken for granted. From build challenges to gift exchanges, drop speculation threads to customizer threads, there never was a shortage of positive critiques, generosity and a hopeful outlook. I came in late to Glyos but the forum qand blog were wonderful treasure troves that I could (and gladly did) spend hour after hour soaking up information and pictures. Would that be called Gly-osmosis?

    Terrible pun aside, this sudden and unfortunate end has spawned what I expect to be a great new beginning. I wasn't alone in hoping that we wouldn't be left in limbo, and although there's various alternatives I can admit that I wanted something we could call "ours".

    Thanks as always, this made my day.

  3. Wow, that was unexpected. I'll miss the forums, they were a great way to stay up to date with everything glyos compatable, and I was able to fill several holes in my collection thanks to a bunch of great people.
    I look forward to whatever is on the horizon.
    I guess I'll also have to learn what tumblr is (I'm a bit of a caveman too).

  4. Wow, it's really been that long? I still remember signing-up back in '09 when the announcement was made over here about the Glyos board being opened there, and it really doesn't seem that long ago.

    That being said, if there's anything the whole Glyos experiment has shown, it's that there's always something even better on the horizon. Whatever you've got cooking up, Marcus, you've no doubt got the support of the fans, and the Tumblrs are a fun way to expand in the meantime. (Might have to actually create an account now!)

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!