Thank You!!!

Thank you for a solid Labor Day weekend release! The timing was a little tight on the heels of the Force Friday special event (which Marc and I attended a few towns away), but all those great new Stormtroopers will now have some fresh Gendrones to tangle with once the packages start landing early next week (and some this weekend).

This new wave represents an important point in the Gendrone story arc, and finally getting to set the old camera up and actually take those battle pics between Argen and Enyriun was something I've personally been waiting to do for a number of years. It might not seem like much, but those of you that are creatively minded (which I believe is the case with nearly all of our little community) can understand the feeling you get when a idea becomes a reality.

The store was well stocked to hopefully make picking things up a hassle free affair during the launch, with plenty of the main characters and accessories produced to allow folks to check things out at their own pace for at least a few weeks after the initial rollout.

Just like previous metallic waves, the true effects of these special PVC figures are tough to accurately capture through the lens, but they sure do pack a punch once you have them in hand. The new metallic teal blue performs some otherworldly magic under the light, looking like an alien armor generated from beyond. The new metallic blood red is no slouch either, and adds some interesting options when building with the other metallic runs released throughout this year. It's also the "Standard" color I imagined Enyriun appearing in as the Hi-Phaseon configuration. The metallic yellow Sunstorm Crayboth is also sporting a new hue, which again is tough to capture through pics. Plans are to explore this metallic yellow again across some other molds in the near future.

Looking towards October, we have a smaller, specialized assortment on track, focusing on some detail lined "deluxe" versions of a few characters in addition to some Halloween themed selections. Sort of a sequel to last October's round in some respects.

A couple projects are also nearing completion, and I'm personally going a little crazy wanting to share them with you! If things land in the right spots, we should all have some new options to explore before the end of 2015. Let's just hope the Glyarmor cooperates a little easier than our friend Skeleden did during the tooling process.

Thank you once again for coming out for the new release! It's hard to believe that we've all been doing this together for over 8 years. Our family will forever be grateful to each of you for allowing us to continue on this path.

PS -I love the new 5 POA Snowtroopers. Also, Captain Phasma.


  1. Glad to hear that we can expect more of the Sunstorm yellow, it appears to be an interesting color. Yellow is a color that I don't see a lot of on my Glyos shelves, would love to have more. I'm just picturing a buildman or sarvos in that yellow with orange eyes/highlights. Can't wait to see what's in store with that.
    Glyarmor sounds like neat stuff, will it have similar functionality as skeleden armor and work more or less with all figures?
    Many thanks for all that you guys do!

  2. Armodoc in Sunstorm yellow! With a new hand attachment?! (OK I made up most of that, but I'm wishing!)

  3. I think most will agree that this Teal and black Armorvor may be one of the sexiest to date, It's stunning! I can't wait for it to get in my paws. The rest of the wave is also a crowd pleaser. Looking forward to the future and what goodies will be rolling out. Thank you dudes!

  4. Great news about both the return of Sunstorm (TF reference, by any chance?) in a future wave and the possibility of Glyarmor growing on the horizon! Also, the new colors do work wonderfully with past metallics, and here's hoping that they continue to do so with newer hues. It's clear you all put a lot into this run, so congrats on the continued success!