Spaced Out Design: Mecha Treeborgs

Extended family member and 3D printing machine, Pj Bartlett of Spaced Out Design, will have a brand new round of homegrown figures available tonight, March 12th, at 9PM EST.

The amount of work that Pj pours into each one of these 3D printed figures is pretty crazy. Just about every time we talk he's busy either printing, cleaning, vapor bathing or painting one of his mechanical marvels. Based on what I've seen, the work that goes into creating just one fully poseable 3D printed figure is far beyond the tortures that can come with silicone mold making and resin casting (speaking from direct experience). The end results are absolutely worth it though, as you can actually play with the final piece and even fully customize it (which I got to do with the figure shown above). The resolution is still coming together with the available tech, but I would challenge any action figure collector not to crack a smile when handling one of these little guys.

Between the work Pj, Sanjeev, Ben and David are all doing with 3D printing, the future is looking better than ever for homegrown projects. These guys are all moving in incredible directions.

Well done on another excellent assortment, Pj! It's been a privilege watching you push your limits and seeing you build so many unique figures over the years. This is one of your best runs yet.


  1. Great paintwork! Now onto PJs other creations!!

  2. I've had the privilege of recently handling one of the Mecha Treeborg prototypes. Probably my favorite Spaced Out production yet! The angles on the cut joints allow for great, evocative poseability. The overall form factor looks great, of course...and the "sculpted" detail is pure win.