Double Thank You!!!

After some major dodging and weaving behind the scenes, we have made it through the recent strangeness of the late double February release in one piece. PayPal can be like a labyrinth even on the best of days, so when things take a turn it can really drive you bonkers to find a way out of the mess. Sitting in front of a supposedly automated inventory system on a computer screen with a "double check" tally sheet in your lap and a pen in your hand is almost laughable from an outside perspective.


Huge thanks to each of you for sticking with us while we sorted out the logistics and inventory issues.

A double helping of gratitude as well for all the feedback regarding the potential second edition of the Varteryx Gotherrus figure. Based on the response, we've decided to greenlight another limited production run. Expect to see the armored avian return some time in the late Spring.

Our next wave is on track for the end of this month, and features a few color combinations with ties to the old days. Should be fun as long as PayPal holds up!

Thanks again from Michelle, Marcus and I for everything.


  1. Yes! Great to hear the black bird will fly again! :) (Hope to catch him in the next time he's up!) All the best to you all!

  2. Great as always. Looking forward to crashing PayPal again later this month.

  3. Rothan? I'd love to see some more greens show up.

    1. You might just see some green this month!

  4. Matt, thank you so much for having another run of Varteryx Gotherrus. As I said in the last blog post, I will definitely pick up a few! Looking forward to the next drop, too.

  5. Looking forward to another chance at getting the bird!