Thank You!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who checked out last Thursday night's launch! We've been working hard behind the scenes over here on a few adjustments to our system (tech and stock), and the results seem to have worked out positively. Orders have been shipping out since Friday and continue to hit the post.

After the PayPal issues in February, we were all a little jumpy going into the recent wave, even with PayPal's word that everything would operate without any issues. We were particularly anxious because we had increased the production numbers on the Rift Pioneers wave, so another burnout would have really banged us up. Thankfully, all the back end fail-safes held in place, and coupled with an increased stock to meet the higher traffic, we saw smooth sailing throughout the night. Just about everybody was able to grab what they were after, with just a few exceptions.

In general, we try to set the majority of the years releases up to follow a subtle general theme. For example, 2014 brought a lot of older factions and characters back into the mix , while 2015 mainly followed Argen and the Gendrones and their trials and tribulations, featuring lots of metallic PVC along the way. With this thematic approach in mind, 2016 has been designed to explore more unorthodox choices, drawing from our early years of unique and odd colors mixed in with a healthy shot of Real Type action. Some of the launches will have a lot of story content, while others will be more of a visual presentation with less elaboration on character specifics. Though some of the choices may seem bizarre as the year moves on, the connections should become clearer as we get closer to 2017. We really want you to feel like you're getting something extra special with these new waves.

The colors for this round were selected as a direct follow up to the February assortment, pushing further into the strange sci-fi vibes that the special effects PVC and paint can bring out. The metallic pearlescent green used on the new Varteryx Keytrius figure is a personal favorite (I love green), and the Neo Nonillia sparkle hasn't left the desk since the samples first rolled in (it was also the leader of the pack during the sale). Of course, the muted Type Zero is the one that's been in my pocket the most, configured in a half armored Pheyden form. The Exiles added to their ranks with a color combination that pays tribute to a brick-born alien assault. Can you guess the homage?

Our goal, more than ever, is to keep things interesting and fun, and some of these oddball moves and production runs are our path to staying excited and alive after all these years in production. New projects of various sizes are on the horizon, and a couple of them are definitely not what you might expect. Our partner Glyos makers have also been very busy, and have incredible new worlds to show you.

Special thanks go out to Megan and Pj for their powerhouse packing powers. The orders get out the door faster only because of their teamwork. Michelle, Marcus and I are beyond lucky to have those two backing us up.
Also, big thanks to my mentor Ron Daley, who shared his never ending creativity in assisting with building the background that the pics were all taken on. More details on that project coming up this week.

We're ready to share even more with you this year, and our family is forever grateful for the chance to do so. Thank you for continuing to explore with us.


  1. Now that you mention it... that hot pink and the green combo on the Exile is bringing to mind the aliens from the LEGO Alien Conquest theme. And the protoclone head with its pink dome looks a lot like the Alien Villainess with her exposed brain from one of the minifigures series. Awesome!

    Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

    1. This is exactly what I was trying to think of! I just couldn't put my finger on it.

  2. Another great drop and now I'm even more excited for what's to come. Keep up the awesome stuff everyone!

  3. This has been a great year so far, and I really enjoyed this drop. I hope our old pal the Gobon makes a few appearances this year. I think he would of looked marvelous in any of the colors from the last 2 drops. I've really liked to format of the drops so far this year. Thanks for continuing to feed us this fun and incredible toy universe!

  4. First time I've been back to get more, in person the green is perfect, spot on the colorway I've always wanted. Hope this is the next ultra bronze and the other producers pick up on it, I want to have as much of this to build with as I can get.

  5. This was one of my favorite sets of color schemes so far. I got mine in the mail yesterday and in hand they are really something to behold. Great work Onell.

  6. Great line-up! 2016 is off to a great start, can't wait to see how the rest of the year shapes up. I'm having a real love/hate thing with the Keytrius. I love green, but at a glance this is just too bright, then I pick it up and get lost...it's just really intense. It's been in pocket since opening though, as has been Type Zero...this deserved a whole wave it's that awesome! I've said it before about other colorways, but if one ever needed more expansion it's this one. I had to go back and grab some more pieces. I guess though it's the limited run that'll make it special.
    Great work Onell!!!

  7. so are you gonna do another crayboth frontier this year

  8. The Type Zero Green is perfect. It's such a Kenner color, I love it, and hope we see more!

  9. I just gotta say, that Visiborn Base Crayboth is stellar!!! Needs me some more of that colorway, needs it bad! Not only did you totally knock it out of the park on this last round, you also fulfilled my hopes for a Pink Crayboth. The 'Vors look spectacular and love that I've now got 4 Glyarmor that match 4 Neo Granthan's. Keep it up good Sir!