Masked Scar Pheyden

While messing around with some "pleather" this little mask/scarf thingy was created for ol' Scar Pheyden. Guess he is Scarfed Pheyden now. Also got some solid final test shots for the production Scar Pheyden and he is looking pretty neat.


  1. Things to do
    1. Quit job
    2. Convince Matt you are a good employee
    3. Convince Matt you will work for figure
    4. Find menially work elsewhere to make money to live in basement of somebody's house so as to house your figure collection

  2. killing me softly with his figs...

    B & W scar Phey, how much for a case????????

  3. Totally sweet.

    The Pheyden army grows stronger!

  4. that masked is amazing now what a character

  5. Man these teasers are killing us!

    The hand cannon, scarf, and
    scar on the head all add up
    to one cool looking figure.
    Sort of a cyborg Road Warrior
    type of character.