Real Type Invasion

All new colorways have arrived just in time for the San Diego Comic Con (booth #4937 ). This wave of Pheyden and Exellis colors pays homage to the classic "Real Type" color schemes found in many imported Japanese model kits that we loved as kids (like Ma.K.). These "realistic" sets of colors were more subdued, conveying a militarized and industrial tone that gave those old Sci-Fi models a harder edge. Kind of like the Space Marines in Aliens or the first few waves of GI Joe in the early 80's. A lot of the Zentradai in Macross had these slightly muted tones as well. I've always gravitated towards these Real Type colors and love seeing our familiar old characters try them on for size. Hope you guys enjoy them and be on the lookout for more new releases in August and September (more clear and more Real Type). Oh yeah, a very limited edition of Sarvos and Phanost will be available later this week. We will debut them at SDCC and also offer them online. A brand new 98 page, full color and perfect bound Glyos System Series Visual Guide will also debut later this week that chronicles everything that we have been doing since the last SDCC. It contains all our artwork, photos and piles of sketches as well as a few interesting takes on the Glyos characters by some of our very talented friends. Like a big art book. Should be a crazy week.

Reverse Pheyden
Ranic PheydenDimension PheydenSpirico ExellisCapture ExellisArcos Exellis
And meet the new Standard Exellis MK II with slightly tweaked colors.


  1. Just like Christmas in July.

    And just in time for my birthday, too (well, two days early, anyway). Can't wait to see how Sarvos and Phanost turned-out...

  2. Less than 48 hours to go - the anticipation is killer. KILLER.

    I think clear blue/clear is my favorite in this wave.

  3. That's kinda strange - we have a ranic pheyden but no actual ranic. I can't wait to get a bunch of ranics!

  4. Alright! New figures!

    Check out the photos from the "Plastic
    and Plush" blog for even more new Glyos
    figures coming (soon I hope!) that were
    displayed at SDCC.


  5. thanks for making these guys i hope to stay in touch and thnks for the goodies

  6. tytoyman@yahoo.com in case u ever want to email me