Many Mey Custom

Put this custom together for Japanese toy shop Pop Soda's Many Many Many Mey Dynamite Custom Show. The industrious Datadub of Fig-Lab got us involved with this very cool project, he is always looking out for us! Thanks d! The original form of this guy was a sinister looking beast meets Oliver Twist looking character. It was cast in GITD and had a movable waist, shoulders, head and hands and a removable hat and cane (again, forgot to take a pre-chopped pic). He was pretty tall as well. After tinkering around for a bit and playing a bunch of Metal Slug, this thing manifested. Nicknamed the "Many Machine", it can be flipped upside down to form either a "PopDuster" snub fighter mode, or the "SodaCrusher" hovertank mode. Piloting this rig is the Pheyden known as "Hades". After playing with this thing for a night I really want to make a vinyl vehicle for our little guys to pilot. There might be something at NYCC to illustrate this thought. Speaking of which, this show is supposed to be on display for its USA leg of the tour at Mishka's new store during NYCC (Feb 6th -8th at the Javits Center). We will be set up at Rocket North's booth (thanks Boris!) in the Small Press area with new stuff (Buildman?!). Hope to see some of you there!


  1. after playing metal slug you can accomplish anything

  2. It took me a minute to figure out (without reading the entry) just what you used to build this. Once again, your powers over anything plastic astound.

    Also: is "Hades" head there GiD, or just an opaque, semi-translucent casting? Just curious...

  3. very awesome.. I'll look for you at the con!