The Gamma Conflict

illustration by Nate Baertsch
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Also note that past releases are still available over at the Buildstation.

Huge thanks to the amazing Nate Baertsch for another exceptional illustration. You are on fire! The technique used to represent the GITD effect came out great!


  1. THAT would be great onna shirt !!!

  2. sigh... how the hell did I fall asleep long enough just to miss Hades and Argen? that sucks... it's a beautiful drop though

  3. So I get the distinct feeling there is some serious backstory to this drop. Anything forthcoming?

  4. >< Man, I think the order limit should be in effect longer than an hour. No way to be here in the first hour, and missed what I would have got. :(

  5. A shirt? Forget that, I want a poster!

  6. With the right inks, this would be sweet under a backlight. ;) Thanks for the props all!

  7. Some very nice artwork, right there! Unfortunately I missed all the Ultra Silver I would have wanted. But I'll be eagerly awaiting the return of Metallic Silver, in one form or another.