Double Phase

We are still on track to roll out a small selection of figures this coming Monday, May 4th, at 9:30PM EDT. Full details on the mini wave will pop up over the weekend.

Along with the new hues the store will also be restocked with the Ultra Bronze accessories (Axis Joint, Swing Joint, Hub and Phase Arm Sets), to reinforce the Sendollest Guard!

On a side note, it's good to see some grass around here again!


  1. *steeples fingers* yeeeeeessssssss mossssst excellent... I was very worried I wouldn't ever get my Argen outfitted with more axis gear and I seriously wanted some more phase arms. Thanks Matt and crew!!!

  2. The green is back… THAT GREEEEEEN!!! :D

  3. What Jaydee said: me too! Ultra Bronze has been a great colorway...and if it takes buying a whole Skeleden to get that green axe, so be it ;)