The Flying Vipers

New tunes! Today marks the surprise release from Flying Vipers, a new lo-fi dub project my brother and I started as a spin-off from Destroy Babylon. We recorded the whole thing just as we did with our first bands in the 90s... direct to cassette tape. Listen and download here!

One of these tunes has a special connection to a certain Glyos Passcode. It was first released by another moniker of ours, the Arcade Rats, and eventually re-recorded using live instruments. The song has changed slightly, but the core rhythms and progressions are there... can anyone spot which song? For those into chiptunes, the B-side of the cassette has a special treat for you.

A big thanks to Matt for helping out with the art and creating the Viper illustration featured on the cover. He even inspired me to break out my own pens for the first time in quite a while, and I ended up drawing the pad print for the cassettes. And for the record, there are two working tape decks at Onell headquarters that still get played in the barn and the attic!

Hope you guys enjoy the tunes and the remaining weeks of the summer!


  1. Tight as hell, Marc. Really diggin' on the instrumental take for the project, and the lo-fi approach just fits. Don't know if you were going for this at all, but there are some Thievery Corporation, early-00s dub vibes at times, in addition to more of a classical reggae sound. (Track 4, though...shades of Head Hunters, man. Not bad at all.)

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Thievery Corporation is the EXACT same vibe I got from this too. Really looking forward to sitting down and listening to the whole album. And I REALLY dig the reggae as well. My inner Toots and the Maytals is tingling

  3. woot! love the art and the music! also great song titles!