Thank You!!!

Thank you for making Sunday's Halloween themed release a good one! It seemed like we had a solid match between supply and demand, with most of the stock holding up for the initial launch. We've continued to work at making the stress of picking things up less intense,  but we're also trying to keep the production runs contained enough to not overload the store. The same strange balancing act that has been at the center of our survival for over 8 years.

Stryker Lock was run at much higher numbers than before, and far higher than the average JP vinyl production, falling much more in line with what we manufacture in China on a regular basis. It's very important to both Mori and I that folks who would like to check Stryker Lock out get the chance to do so, without mega fast sellouts. There will most likely be certain editions that will indeed be shorter runs, but our plan is to offer larger editions as well. So far, this new assortment seems to be holding up, though it is moving at a clip. 

We've seen the purchasing patterns change for the general population a number of times throughout the years, with the current trend being a more spread out and even week of activity in the store during a new release, versus the previous trend of very high night of sale turnout and then slower activity until the first packages have been mailed. I find it fascinating to look at the data from each wave, as there is always another lesson to learn. It's hard to believe that the next round will be Wave 50! We have some special things planned for the next assortment, with the hopeful introduction of a few new items to add to the building pool. The tentative next release is scheduled for early December.

As far as November goes, we will be attending DCon again, joining a great mix of our partner Glyos producers along with the incredible Tokyo crew. This will be one of the most concentrated gatherings of Glyos makers since the old NYCC days, and we'll have some special items available to celebrate the event. Our whole team is psyched to cause trouble in Pasadena, thanks to George and Ayleen's generosity and intense work. We hope to see you there!

Thanks again for keeping the tires on this bus throughout 2015, and for all the years of tremendous support and loyalty. With each day that passes, I take time to think about how damn lucky we are to be able to do this, even during the tough times. However, it's not really luck that's responsible for our continued existence, it's each of you.

PS -That's another "Hidden Mode" character up there in the pic, one that we call Exile Deniken. More on that little guy a bit later (it's based on a lost character from the old days).


  1. I'm such a sucker for "secret builds", but when it looks that cool, I have to double dip.

    And thank you for letting us get to play with all of your cool toys!

  2. I hope that guy gets a spot in the next release. Big fan of the look.

    1. This guy is actually possible right now, you just swap the Standard Noboto and Standard Protoclone parts and use the special gray head that comes packed with the Protoclone to top it off.

      The bonus Noboto head that comes with the new Protoclone release is painted gray, specifically so this bonus character can be assembled.

      If you like this version, there may be some more "Exile" type Nobotos visiting DCon in November...

    2. Well, then I'd say I'd like to see more solid color bodies with different heads for Nobotos in the future. It gives the impression of an entirely different figure.

  3. That's quite the Hidden Figure! The extra attention to detail that the new Standards have (and the Orkmogg release from the summer, too) really makes the sculpt shine, and it'd be great to see more of it in the future, if possible.

    By any chance, will we be seeing pics of the Neo Andromeda Hidden Figure pop up on the blog, too?

  4. What's funny is that I can make that guy with my Noboto standard/clone variants and my Ivorinium Noboto!

  5. :3 Looove the name! Haha, you're a genius! I love you, Matt.

  6. Matt, Marc, Michelle, you are all amazing. Thank you for everything and reminding me that you will always be my friend. I really hope I get to see you all soon

  7. December... Wave 50... WOW !!!