Thank You!!!

Thank you for a wild Friday night! The store took a beating, but we all managed to survive the rough journey back to Planet Esedeth. PayPal definitely had better lines of communication for this round, but their interface still dragged as we prepared to open the new store, causing a delay in the release, so there is absolutely more tweaking to do.

Things moved at a brisk pace, and we saw some new faces pop up throughout the launch. Outside of the bumpy start, it was a good one! Just about every order has been packed and dropped at the post as of this writing.

Looking at our upcoming assortments, we are on track for the very end of May, possibly even the first week of June depending on the progress of a few complex production pieces that are in the new mix. Expect to see the last production editions of the Protoclone head sculpt in the next wave, as the Noboto mold will be undergoing some small but significant "transformations" in the coming months.

We hope you are enjoying the assortments of 2016 so far, and we'll keep pushing to keep things exciting!

Thank you once again from the whole family!


  1. Excited to see the transformations on the noboto mold!!

  2. is there going to be a crayboth frontier this year

  3. Yes! Can't wait to see where the Noboto transformation will take us. I've said it before, but I'm loving the recent emergence of the Exiles and Pirates. It's an extremely interesting new dimension to the Glyos universe that I hope you continue to expand and explore.

  4. Howdy Ghumba,

    Just tried to post something, but appear to have blown it away ... will try again. First off, happy birthday young man!!! Second, just read through the recent Blog material and remain extremely impressed by the high quality of your creations and the photographic skills you use to display them on the website ... WOW! I will be including a number of your photos on the Blog I send to my Bowdoin College Class of 1968 classmates. Very impressive body of work you have generated ... extremely well done!!!