TFV is GO!

Wave 71 is live!

Huge thanks to Ralph for the killer new art! Incredible as always!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!


  1. Awesome drop guys! It really feels like a very special occasion with all this TFV stuff.

  2. Excellent drop! Can't wait to get these in hand, artwork, colors, selection 100% awesome!

    When do we get to see some massive Gendrone RF build pics to make me weep for not getting doubles of them? Show 'em soon and I may go against my better judgement and double dip in an hour!

    Thanks again Matt and team, Xenodeth was a welcome surprise, and I'm diggin' that Gelnos, very buggy indeed!

  3. This is officially my most expensive drop as of yet. Oh my goodness.

  4. Aaaaand the black axis joints are the first thing to sell out. I was hoping those would be a new staple for the buildstation.

  5. Had to go light but I was tempted to get so much more, especially hard leaving the green RoboForce behind. The return of Xenodeth was an awesome surprise and it suits the Villser mold so well.

  6. Annnnnd, Black Axis Joints are gone-zo. What a surprise =w=; At least that sweet black Villser is still around though! Hope it lasts a while. I have the MIGHTIEST OF NEEDS, but the meager-est of funds.