Bit Figs: Wave 13

New items have just been added to the Culture Pirates shop!

Three new limited edition sets of Bit Figs are available online for the first time: Mordireus Space, Redlaw Ninja, and Mecha Animal, plus a new Bit Figs button pack!

A small bonus batch of Phase Animal sets from the original production sample run have also been uncovered – if you missed out back in 2016 here is your chance!

Please note the limit of 2 on the Mordierus sets - they are from an early test run and are extremely rare. Thank you and have fun!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful to see the return of Mordireus and Redlaw on the tail end of February. Might we be seeing any new sculpts this year? Space Series 2 perhaps, or a giant Super Craybit? Having a few o' those Bigboths in the Mordireus would be a dream!!!